Self Care in a Pandemic

Selfcare in Pandemic

What self care can you do in the pandemic?

Self care falls into two categories and you need to make sure you address both. These include taking care of your mind and body. When it comes to taking care of your mind, you can have a look into an array of mental self-care options.

These can include everything from meditation, reading, taking time for yourself, calling your friends and family, and staying connected to the outside world. Physical exercise and getting fresh air are crucial to both our physical and mental health. Since we are stuck inside, it may be easy to get into the habit of watching too much Netflix and sitting on the couch.

Keep yourself active by taking the time you are allowed to leave your house for a walk or a jog every day! Otherwise, try some at home workout routines that you can do by yourself or a whole family. Since you may be more sedentary than before, consider getting a foam roller or participating in yoga to stretch out your muscles and avoid any damage or pain.

Join our Workshop to Boost your Self Care in a Pandemic

So, the Pandemic is becoming old news, as are the lockdowns. Just like us, you must be sick of staring at the walls of your home and wondering when this apocalyptic madness will end. At Wonderlab, we have been sad to shut our doors to our customers in person. That is why we decided to create a virtual workshop series that you can attend from the safety of your home!
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The Wonderlab Virtual Workshops

Since you cannot come into the Wonderlab Salon, we have decided to run virtual workshops. Every workshop focuses on a particular topic and guides you through the ways you can best support your skin and body health.

  • Our first Workshop was the INDIBA virtual workshop that focused on neck, shoulder, and back pain.
  • The next workshop walked you through Postpartum care after giving birth.
  • Then, How will I know I am in Menopause?

While we hope to move back into in person care, we may continue running these workshops if you find them helpful. This is because at Wonderlab we believe beauty is inside and out. Taking care of your skin and appearance is one thing, but making sure your body is healthy is key to thriving.

What do the workshops do?

The programs and sessions are designed to support women's health by reducing incontinence, decreasing pain, boosting muscle relaxation, and speeding up recovery. Whether recovery is from tears during different stage and situation or you experience back, neck and shoulder pain, pre or post pregnancy, going through menopause, or suffer with pelvic pain.    

What do these workshops entail?

The INDIBA workshops entail a presentation and detailed discussion about the pros of the INDIBA technology. Then they continue to provide tips and specific information that you can apply to your own situation. The workshops are run by our professional staff who are eager to continue serving our wonderful customers.

Each virtual workshop session takes about 45 min.

  • 20 minutes of info sharing
  • 20 minutes of exercise + interactive session and
  • 5 minutes of Q&A

You can sign up to the FREE workshops here and attend the one that best suits you from the comfort of your home.

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