Wonderlab Introduces PORES X - The Next Generation of Beauty


Wonderlab® - Where Beauty Meets Technology and Quality.

Wonderlab Beauty Salon was created by three sisters, Rachel, Kimi and Vicky’ – to introduce healthy beauty wellbeing and bring a traditional beauty business practice to a 360-degree beauty concept that embraces innovation, invigoration, and inspiration at every angle to make their beauty clients look beautiful and FEEL beautiful.

With a successful footprint in Wonderlab, we have learned from many of our customers and understand the challenges they face that keep them away from skincare: the fast-changing economics and lifestyle; they are always busy, never have time for a facial, or always on a budget.

Rachel noticed how traditional beauty salons seemed to exclude those who don’t have hours to spare or hundreds of dollars to spend. These clinical environments lack the transparency and warmth that newcomers need to take that first step in their skincare journey. There is a missing gap of a beauty place to this group of clients and teens.

When technology is everywhere, why not skincare? 

In essence, we have set out to make skincare for everyone regardless of time, price, location, age, or gender!

Wonderlab Beauty Salon has since gone on to become everything we envisaged: well-positioned as a disruptive salon catering to men and women of all classes and walks of life. The salon is a one-stop shop for everything skincare. As the goal remains to bring the public closer to affordable and reliable skincare solutions, we have continued to intensify research with a view to birthing more affordable skincare solutions for everyone regardless of gender, time, price, location, and age.

All of these realizations and developments led to the birth of PORES X.

In This Light, We Introduce to You Our Latest Offering: PORES X.

PORES X is an innovative EXPRESS skincare hub designed to cater to a wide range of consumers who look for time-quality skincare treatment. The hub creates a collaborative effort between Rachel Ng, the founder of Wonderlab Beauty Salon, and global skincare giant “NO FACE.”  NO FACE is the most efficient and efficacious brand with innovative patented technologies to deliver the results while supporting the clean sustainable beauty.

PORES X is committed to revolutionizing how consumers discover, experience, and buy skincare products. The hub prioritizes time friendliness and cost-effectiveness, a stark contrast to how traditional beauty hubs approach things.

The Active PORES Cleansing Treatment helps reducing whiteheads and blackheads in just 15min. 

One of PORES X’s strongest points is in how it embraces technology and innovation. Every product sourced under the brand is high quality, manufactured using real data from studies and intensive research. The goal is to have something for everyone.

With PORE X, time-friendly, cost-effective skincare solutions for PORES cleansing are now at your fingertips.

Visit PORES X website to learn more about PORES X and how the hub can help you with personalized, technology-oriented skincare solutions.

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