Brows & Lashes

Brows & Lashes - NEW Beauty Services

We offer a full range of services to shape and compliment your eyebrows and eyelashes. We know that brows can shape and change a face—No matter which kind of brow shape you have, we can promise your brows will be perfectly shaped and tailored to suit your face. 

Our Brow & Lash stylist in Wonderlab will create a low maintenance brow shape that you have always wanted and finds a style that complements your look and your style. 

We also offer lift & tint service to make your brows and lashes come together and look the best they can. This combination offers a great way to ensure your eyes maintain that ideal look.

Eyebrows shape and tint
 Eyebrows Threading and Tint
 Women eyebrows threading  $22
 Men eyebrows threading  $29
 Eyebrows thread & tint  $40
 Eyebrows & Eyelash tint  $25
 Eyebrows lamination  $45
 Eyebrows shaping & lamination  $95

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 Eyelash curl  $60
 Eyelash lift  $60
 Eyebrow threading & Lash Lifting   $85

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 Eyebrows threading full shape  $27
 Eyebrows threading tidy up  $20
 Threading lip  $15
 Threading chin  $15
 Brow threading full shape & lip or chin  $40
 Brow threading tidy up & lip or chin  $30
 Threading side of face  $25
 Threading forehead  $20
 Threading neck  $15
 Full face threading (includes eyebrows)  $60
 Mini threading (for kids)  $15

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