Peptide-based Targeted Treatment

Peptide-based Targeted Treatment - InfusionDerm™

WonderLAB Peptide Based Targeted Treatment


The Peptide-Based Targeted Treatment works by infusing PHYTOGEN™ Skin Factors inside the pores or under the epidermis so that the active targeted skin factors can interact with the skin in order to correct underlying issues.

Best for targeting skin issues - Aging, Environmental damages, Hyperpigmentation, Pore issues, Post-Laser and Light Treatments.

- Peptides and Amino Acid Enriched Factors

- Targeting Multiple Skin Signs

- Target Cosmetic Skin Issues at Their Roots

- Safe & Highly Effective

- Dermatologically Tested

Now available at WonderLAB - We are the NO FACE PHYTOGEN™ authorised clinic.

Call us on 0432 574 555 to start your skincare peptides journey for healthy glowing skin. 

Peptide-based Targeted Treatment - InfusionDerm™

How is the treatment performed? 

The treatment involves using short length cosmetic needles to create micros channels on the surface of the skin to allow PHYTOGEN™ Skin Factors to be infused underneath the skin layer for maximum skin benefits. It will also works with Ultrasonic device or Radio Frequency for recovery booster session.

What to expect after the treatment?
The treatment doesn't involve significant downtime and doesn't disturb normal daily activities. Redness and itchiness may be experienced after the InfusionDerm™ and start to subside after 24 hours. Makeup and harmful skincare products are prohibited to be applied within 48 hours. Physical sunscreen of at least SPF 30 must be applied if sun exposure is expected.

How ofter should I have 
InfusionDerm™ ?
Improvements are observed after 1 treatment. It usually takes 3-6 sessions for the best and longer lasting results, with 3-4 weeks interval, depending on the skin conditions.


How much for the Peptide-based Targeted Treatment InfusionDerm™ ?
The treatment base cost is $150 with Ultrasonic technology, including one peptide factor. Any extra peptide factors add to the treatment will be an extra cost. 

Real Client Case Study

NO FACE ACNE Before After

Advanced Skin Factor Infusion

ACNE management

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No Face provides a range of products targeted at anti-aging, with powerful peptides as prime ingredients. Whatever peptide infused treatment you use, ensure to use high SPF sunscreen to protect your face from UV rays that accelerate the production of free radicals.  This daily moisturiser is a fantastic option for all around daily moisturiser and multi peptide booster!