The Face Color of Healthy Skin

Which healthy color facials do you want to try?

Pink | Purple | Gold | Silver | Black | White

 Pink ($179) 

Oxygen Facial Treatment

The Pink is an Oxygen facial treatment used in Australian Pink Clay mask. Oxygen facial is ideal or those of you who suffer from acne, that occurs from clogged pores and pollutants irritating the skin, and oxygen facial can free up and clean up any troubled areas. It removes the dead cells from the top layer, opens clogged pores, and then helps shrink them to minimise the chances of a breakout.

- Pore Decongestion

- Skin Clarity

- Help reducing ACNE  

- Skin Brightening

 Purple ($199) 

Purple Calming Facial

The Purple facial treatment is used Smithsonite for Sensitive Skin helps calming. The synergy of moisturising Hibiscus and soothing Lapis Lazuli brings immediate comfort to the most sensitive skins enabling Phytohormones, vitamins and trace elements to strengthen, protect and reduce redness.

The secrets of stones - Lapis Lazuli Stone, the healing stone. It lowers the blood pressure and ensures a peaceful and restful sleep. The Lapis lazuli acts on the glands in the body and helps with diseases of tonsils or throat. It can relieve cramps to help with headache, body aches and prevents skin diseases.

 Gold ($199) 

Gold Facial

The Gold facial treatment uses “Pure Colloidal Gold”, which is a high-grade skin benefits element to be absorbed by the skin for reducing all signs of wrinkles, lines, ageing and lack of elasticity.


- Pure gold contains antioxidants for younger-looking skin

- Pure gold helps your skin look brighter

- Pure gold helps other active ingredients work more efficiently

- Pure gold helps relieve acne-related inflammation

- Pure gold protects against irritation

Silver ($219) 

Silver Facial Treatment

The Silver facial treatment is used Customized Silver Foil Face Mask is a bi-phase mask that provides a highly precise and effective treatment experience tailored to individual skin needs. The treatment involves the Dr BABOR Lifting Cellular Silver Foil Face Mask to the combination of low and high molecular weight hyaluronic acid, and it's fully customised with 3 different serums.

Black ($219) 

Black Charcoal Mask

The Black facial treatment uses the black mask sheets are made of natural Australian charcoal carbon, to purify the skin times more than normal cotton sheets. It includes exfoliation with Hydrodermabrasion, blackhead extraction, a full bottle of Vitamin A1000 powder with black charcoal mask sheets.

It helps to rejuvenate the skin, reduce signs of ageing, acne, enhances the appearance of collagen growth.

White ($179) 

White Collagen

The White facial treatment uses pure collagen extracts to saturate the skin with moisture and is a gentle alternative for your anti-aging goals. The special biomatrix mask with natural collagen fibres for intensive treatment. 

- 99% natural collagen fibers & 1% hyaluronic acid.

- Stimulates the skin’s natural repair mechanisms

- Smooths out fine lines and wrinkles directly

- Reduces redness and irritations

- Free of preservatives, perfumes, and colourants

-For a young, PLUMP, RADIANT and Balanced complexion  

White - SNOW White Pearl ($199) 

Snow White Pearl Facial

A highly recommended anti-aging, brightening, and skin-softening treatment that will keep you rejuvenated and refreshed.The treatment makes use of White Pearls Gemstone Powder to lighten dark spots and wrinkles. White Pearl Mousse Mask enables molecular transformation that becomes a sorbet mousse, which helps to regulate the production of melanin for a softening and soothing action.

Visible whitening result in 75 mins:

✤ Reduce visibility of pigmentation

✤ Glowing and brighter skin

✤ Reduce dark spot & acne scars

✤ Even your skin tone

✤ Extract dead skin to allow better absorption

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