Women Want to Feel Good Care Program

Women's health is an area close to Wonderlab's heart. This is because many of our team and clientele our women. We understand how we need to prioritise and take care of the ladies, mothers, daughters, and sisters of the world. Through health, these wonderful women can then go into the world and thrive.

Whether you are pre or post pregnancy, going through menopause, or suffer with pelvic pain. The "Women Want to Feel Good Care Program" has specifically designed care plan to support women's health by reducing weight, reducing incontinence, decreasing pain, boosting muscle relaxation, improves sex life and speeding up recovery from tears.

At Wonderlab, we uses the latest INDIBA technology and care protocol to promote women's health in helping with pain relief, recovery body treatment, and allow you to jump back into your daily routine. Through decreasing inflammation, reducing incontinence, pain, and muscle relaxation, the INDIBA can do wonders for your body.

The INDIBA treatments help support the Pelvic floor
Did you know that INDIBA treatments can help prevent recurrent infections and vaginitis? Recurrent infections of urological or vaginal origin can reduce the elasticity of the bladder and vagina. This can lead to fibrosis of the tissue. With INDIBA RGN Solution, it is possible to improve elasticity and oxygenation of the tissue. This in turn helps to eliminate fungi and bacteria and provide better protection against new possible infections. Find out more about INDIBA pelvic health treatment by getting in touch with Wonderlab. 

Pelvic Floor

INDIBA can provide Pre/Post-care pregnancy treatment.

Women need effective treatment to help them manage the pre and post-partum transformation of their body and pelvic floor. INDIBA has a treatment that is specifically designed to help women get back their confidence and health post-partum. Women need effective treatment, and the INDIBA radio frequency technology can be beneficial in treating many conditions associated with post-partum. Whether this may be related to muscle relaxation, reducing pain, decreasing inflammation, minimizing incontinence, and aid recovery from tears and episiotomies. Find out more about INDIBA pain relief / recovery body treatment by getting in touch with Wonderlab. 

Lower back pain
Reduce belly fat

INDIBA can ease you through Perimenopause and Menopause.

Menopause is something natural, however the transition may seem scary and unknown. Luckily, we now have technology that can ease the change. In the Webinar taking place this month, we will also have information on how INDIBA radiofrequency technology is beneficial in reducing women’s symptoms. This can help improve your quality of life, confidence, and transition back into the working world. Menopause changes the thickness of the skin in your vagina, may cause dryness, and some pain. INDIBA can help treat all of these symptoms.

What do you need to know about your skin and menopause

INDIBA can help with Facial and Body Rejuvenation Treatment
It helps our body regenerate collagen and elastin fibers by plumping the skin and reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

The INDIBA facial and body treatment uses electrical pulses and heat to stimulate collagen production. The deeper layers of the skin are penetrated with heat which may feel like a deep heat sensation, whilst the outer layer of the skin is cooled during the treatment to avoid any damage.

Key Benefits:
- Reduces wrinkles and expression lines
- Reduces bags under the eyes
- Anti-ageing
- General well-being and skin rejuvenation

Find out more about 
INDIBA face rejuvenation treatment by getting in touch with Wonderlab. 


Wonderlab Wellbeing Care Treatment
Our health and well being are closely interlinked with how others, and we see each other. This is why you should invest time not only to your beauty routine but take care of your inner peace. Here are three wellbeing treatments available in Wonderlab to take care of yourself on the inside.