NO FACE® Dermaceuticals - Absolute Botanical Enzyme Cleanser [150ml]
NO FACE® Dermaceuticals - Absolute Botanical Enzyme Cleanser [150ml]

NO FACE® Dermaceuticals - Absolute Botanical Enzyme Cleanser [150ml]

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NO FACE® Royal Botanical Facial Cleanser with Calendula Floral Collagen

All natural botanicals with royal botanical floral pedals. 

Features precious blue agave, acacia and calendula, providing nourishing yet thorough cleansing experience. Skin feels clean, comfortable and nourished, without a trace of tightness. A must try cleansing product.

­­NO FACE® Royal Botanical Facial Cleanser is a gel texture light foaming cleanser formulated with native Australian Calendula floral extracts to thoroughly cleanse and hydrate the skin, while providing natural soothing and skin calming benefits. Infused with Calendula Floral Collagen (collagen synthesis is a new technology used by NO FACE to synthesize floral essence for skin calming collagen), this cleanser is suitable for skin soothing and calming, and reduces the appearance of damaged skin, especially in harsh weather conditions.

 Why Calendula ?

Calendula is an ingredient of interest in the medical researches for skin healing and improvement. To benefit from Calendula properties, the skin should be massaged to promote the absorption. Infused in a cleanser such as the NO FACE Royal Botanical Cleanser, would enable customers to benefit from the Calendula and other floral properties while massaging the skin during face washing.
Read more for the benefits of Calendula.

  • Precious nourishing botanical extracts
  • Deep hydrating & cleansing
  • Heavenly botanical cleansing experience
  • Phyto enzymes dissolve facial dirty gently and effectively
  • Washes away excessive oil
  • Fragrance Free
  • Paraben Free
  • Alcohol Free
  • Mineral Oil Free
  • Colourant Free
  • Cruelty Free
  • SLS Free

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