BABOR - Calendar 2020 [24pc]
BABOR - Calendar 2020 [24pc]
BABOR - Calendar 2020 [24pc]

BABOR - Calendar 2020 [24pc]

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• Algae Vitalizer – moisturizes and makes your skin look vitalized, rosy and fresh

• Perfect Glow – provides intensive moisture and creates a youthful glow

• Beauty Rescue – strengthens your skin for more resistance and radiance

• Active Night – active recovery of skin cells overnight

• 3D Firming – an active ingredient complex of organic silicon and extracts of the yellow poppy improves tissue firmness and skin elasticity

• Lift Express – immediate anti-wrinkle effect with micro-algae extract

• GRAND CRU The Rose – ultimate skin rejuvenation with regenerating properties and instant effect

• GRAND CRU The White – ultimate youthful radiance thanks to improved skin structure

• GRAND CRU The Black – ultimate protection against premature, environmentally induced skin aging