Babor Home Skin Care Programs - Anti-ageing
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Babor Home Skin Care Programs - Anti-ageing


Skin care Program included 

1. Babor Oxygen Foam Cleansing Mask x 1 box (3pc)

Refreshing, deep cleansing foam mask for all skin types. Within seconds, a gently sparkling, nurturing foam is formed on the skin that reliably dissolves impurities and removes dead skin cells.

2. Babor AGELESS HERO Ampoules Concentrates x 1 box

The three matching ampoules concentrates work true wonders and let you and your skin shine. While the Active Night ampoule supports skin regeneration overnight, the 3D Firming ampoule provides smoothness and flexibility. The Lift Express Complex reduces wrinkle depth and helps combat gravitational wrinkles.

3. Babor Vitalizing Gel Mask 50ml

Vitalizing gel mask for a tired, sallow complexion. The cooling formula with caffeine and vitamin C provides an extra energy boost and moisturizes the skin at the same time.