Babor Home Skin Care Programs - Dry/Dull Skin
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Babor Home Skin Care Programs - Dry/Dull Skin


Skin care Program included 

1. Babor Cleanse & Peel Mask 20ml

A deep-action cleansing mask with an exfoliating effect.Reduces excess sebum and removes superficial dead skin cells

2. Babor NIGHT LOVER Ampoules Concentrates x 1 box

The perfectly coordinated ampoules treatment for night owls gives tired, pale skin an extra regeneration kick. Those few hours of sleep are entirely forgotten the next morning and nothing stands in the way of a beauty sleep.

3. Babor Youth Activating Cream Mask 50ml

Smoothing cream mask with an instantly more youthful glow Suitable for all skin types. Argan extract makes the skin appear firmer, fine lines and wrinkles appear softer and are reduced when applied regularly. The complexion is full of youthful radiance. The rich formula with French Rose extract makes the skin appear smoother directly after application. The skin is intensively moisturized.