NO FACE® PHYTOGEN™ - # 5 Collagen Activating Factor 900 [10ml]
NO FACE® PHYTOGEN™ - # 5 Collagen Activating Factor 900 [10ml]
NO FACE® PHYTOGEN™ - # 5 Collagen Activating Factor 900 [10ml]

NO FACE® PHYTOGEN™ - # 5 Collagen Activating Factor 900 [10ml]

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For ultimate firming and wrinkle reduction. Phyto collagen fibrils EGF 900


Age: 25+, 26-55, 55+
Gender: All
Skin Type: Aged skin due to natural aging and environment (such as UV) related premature aging.
Skin Concerns: Fine lines, wrinkles, loose skin
Efficacy: A combination of precious isolated phyto peptides targeting collagen growth, effectively stimulating natural production of collagen fibrils and repairing damaged cells due to aging. 

How to use: Apply 2-3 times a day after cleansing.
Key ingredients (full):

EGF 900, EGF 800, HGH puberal auxin 800, palmitoyl pentapeptide, pycnoginol, wrinkle inhibiting peptides


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Collagen activating factors are not collagen, as collagen cannot be directly absorbed into the skin. the PHYTOGEN CAF900 effectively stimulates skin's natural collagen growth to restore collagen level, reveal a youthful look like a miracle worker.

Serums vs PHYTOGEN©

What are serums?

Serums are a kind of lightweight moisturising product that penetrate the skin a little deeper than normal moisturiser, as serums don't usually contain wax, and contain less fillers and emollients, think of eating an orange as putting on moisturiser, when you eat an orange, you are taking in vitamin c, and using a serum is like taking a vitamin c pill, directly gives you the vitamin c that you need, at a much higher level than eating an orange. However, not all serums are created equal, and not all of them will do what they claim. Most serums in the market contain lots of unproven ingredients, different natural ingredients that are not broken down to a level that can be directly absorbed deeply enough for the skin to have the benefits.

What is PHYTOGEN©?

PHYTOGEN products are even more lightweighted and much more concentrated than serums, with ingredients that are factors, not just plant extracts, factors are tiny DNA peptide chains that can directly be absorbed into the skin to make a difference, without texturizing fillers, without fragrance, colorants, alcohol etc which can be found in normal serums. Therefore, PHYTOGEN factors offer more benefits and nutrients to the skin. Researched and developed by the Australian Dermaceutlcal Lab to meet the needs of skincare clinics and dermatologists for their clients, who need high quality skincare products without causing unwanted results. PHYTOGEN series are more straightforward, one factor for one skin concern, and can be combined to treat multiple skin issues.