NO FACE® [Box Set] - Pollutant Removal
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NO FACE® [Box Set] - Pollutant Removal

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Anti-Pollution Skin Care

1. Cleanse deeply & gently.

2.  Detox your pores with Toner.

3.  Replenish your skin with moisture and nourishment.

4.  Protect the skin with a filtering day cream Before heading out, protect your skin with a day cream that's formulated to filter short wavelengths of radiation damages and pollutants.

5.  Repair and de-stress the skin at night with sleeping mask. Allow the skin to repair itself overnight and wake up refreshed.


  1. Pollutant Targeting Enzymatic Makeup Remover 100ml
  2. Pollutant Targeting Foaming Cleanser - Dissolve pollutants with natural enzymes without causing further stress to the skin. 100ml
  3. Pre-Probiotic Brightening Serum - Reduce the dullness caused by recent air pollution 30ml