BABOR Skinovage - Refreshing Eye Pads [5 pc]
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BABOR Skinovage - Refreshing Eye Pads [5 pc]


Moisturizing eye pads.

Contents: 5 pieces

The eye pads are the perfect freshness pick-me-up for quick skin care.

The eye area often suffers from a lack of moisture and tends to develop small wrinkles. The eye pads are ideal for your exclusive weekly care routine, or just for whenever the need arises. Various extracts leave the eye area fresher and well-moisturized.

The eye pads provide the delicate eye area with intensive moisture. They are easy to apply and can even be applied on the go for a quick freshness boost. The eye area appears fresher and more even.

Cleanse the eye area and dry thoroughly. Remove the pads from the protective film. With the smooth, shiny side toward the skin, apply under the eye. Allow 10-15 minutes to work. Then gently remove the pads. Only use the pads once.

Tip: For an extra freshness boost, put the eye pads in the refrigerator prior to use.