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August 22, 2021


Our skin is the largest organ in our body, and it is our first line of defence against bacteria and infections. Our skin appearance is also an indicator of our overall health and is closely related both to our physical and mental wellbeing. If you feel dehydrated, exhausted, embarrassed, feverish, or seasick, our skin is the signal into the outside world.

Considering how much we understand about our skin’s reaction to the sun or our emotions, generally our skin remains a mystery. Getting a skin consultation can help you gain understanding of this complex and vital organ and learn how to better take care of it. Here are six reasons why you should book a skin consultation.

  1. Trust the expert

In the modern world it is impossible to learn and study all the various aspects of our lives. That is why relying on an expert can help us achieve our goals. Dermatologists and beauticians have qualifications and years of experience in skin and will be able to help you uncover some of the many mysteries. So, just like you would go to a doctor for a physical illness, getting a consultation from a certified skin expert will give your insight into your precious skin. You can also get an online video consultation!

  1. Ample resources

Your skincare expert has access and knowledge to take in and understand the ample resources available to boost individual skincare routines. Just have a look at the OBSERV 520 skin analyser, and how they can help identify your skin type and specific troubles.

skin analysis

  1. Understand your skin

Every skin is unique, and your personal health, environmental conditions, and genetics will require specific advice that is difficult to find online. While the internet is teeming with useful information, without understanding your skin type, needs, and goals you may struggle to sift through to find the best options for you.

  1. Target specific conditions

You may wish to eliminate sunspots, check on potential melanomas, ease the signs of aging, or remove dark under eye circles. Skincare experts stay up to date with the newest advances in technology and will be able to provide you advice on how to best achieve your goals. The world of skincare science is ever changing, so trust an expert to recommend the ingredients and products best suited to you.

  1. Toxic ingredient combinations

Speaking of products and ingredients, the science of what products should and should not be combined can take years to study and understand. Your skincare expert will be able to have a look at your existing skincare routine and advise adjustments or additives. They will also understand complex ingredient labels and know how to separate the natural, high-quality products from well-marketed shams.

  1. Achieve your skin goals

Skincare is not a miracle, but it is the consistent repetition of skincare to achieve your goals. Your specialist will be able to fast track this journey by eliminating products from your skin care you do not need and showing you what will best benefit your skin. So, invest in your health and skin now!

Call 0432 574 555 to book your completed skin assessment with our team in Wonderlab.

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