Enzymes are one of those topics and ingredients that are becoming more common in the conversation of skincare. Unfortunately, for many of us they are a distant memory from high school biology. So, what are enzymes in skincare and how do we use them?

What are enzymes?
Enzymes are living organisms that behave as catalysts in producing chemical reactions in the body. They are vital for proper metabolic function and aid us to digest properly.

What are enzymes in skincare?
Enzymes in skincare promote an effective exfoliation of your skin giving you that fresh and youthful glow. Some enzymes are protein molecules that can act as exfoliants while others can protect the skin from environmental stress and damage.

Why should you use enzymes in skincare?
Enzymes help break things down. In our stomach, they play a role in the digestion of food, while on top of our skin they help break down and remove old and dead skin cells on the outer layer. Cellular build up is one of the key players in premature aging, dehydration, and acne breakouts. Exfoliation of these dead skin cells cn therefore promote regeneration and allow your skin to absorb other treatments mor efficiently.

Where do enzymes in skincare come from?
Enzymes are naturally occurring proteins in many plants and fruits. Some of the most common ones include papain, found in papaya, bromelain, found in pineapple juice, ficin, found in figs, and actinidin found in papaya, mango and kiwi.

Where should you get your enzymes?
So next time you are looking for a new, efficient, and gentler exfoliator. Why not look out for one that features these naturally occurring enzymes. Check out the options available made from top of the range ingredients in NO FACE.

Remember, if you do have any questions. Do not hesitate to book an appointment with a skincare specialist to better help achieve your goals.

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