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August 22, 2021

Before you start committing to spending money on beauty treatments, it is a good idea to do some background research about the parlor you are considering. The aspects to look out for range from prices, hygiene, staff, products used, and technology. In this article, we will cover the basics of how to choose the right beauty salon for you.
how to choose the right beauty salon

If you are unsure, it is a good idea to try a simple and basic service to see the results, prior to investing in any major beauty treatments. This way you can sample the service, staff, and products before finding your regular salon.

Is the salon hygienic?

After living in lockdown, the 'new normal' will look very different, our standard on personal hygiene, especially body and hand hygiene, plays a major role in preventing the spread of viruses such as flu, colds, and COVID-19.

Therefore, the most important part is considering the hygienic component of your beauty treatments. Beauty salons are specialised spaces designed to pamper for both men and women. They are meant to be a place for relaxation and a space to focus on nothing but yourself. The room or treatment area should be private without anyone coming in and out. The treatment room should be well maintained and have a welcoming , relaxing and must be a fully hygienic environment.

Keep an eye out to see if instruments are clean and well sterilised, and never shared, or that the beauticians are using disposable items. The general appearance of the salon will also give you an indication about the overall cleanliness levels. Treatment areas such as benches should be cleaned between each client and/or a clean covering placed over the treatment surface.

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Who are the treatment therapists?

What are the qualifications of the beauty therapists working there? Along with formal qualifications, discussing the beauty therapists experience and interests will help you to understand their knowledge and advice. Make sure you pick a salon with professional, and highly trained staff. It is important to be mindful that it is advisable to do your own research prior to opting for any new beauty treatment rather than just following a therapist’s advice. You can always check online reviews or other recommendations based off previous clientele and customers for honest feedback on the location.

What products are they using?

Are the products the salon using and recommending high-quality beauty supplies? Consider the ingredients, the knowledge of beauty therapist suggesting the products. Another thing to think about is how transparent is the salon about the benefits, costs, and origin of the products. In the world of beauty, technology and products are continually updating and improving. Having state of the art modern technology along with current products is a great indicator of the level of service you could expect from the salon.

The warning signs

If you walk out of a salon and experience burning sensations, rashes, or blocking of pores, that could all be the impacts of substandard and low-quality products. Incorrect techniques used for wax application and removal can cause burns along with severe rashes and skin infections. If you have a doubt about the quality of the salon, that will typically be a good indication. Trust your gut! You want to have a relaxing and wonderful salon experience without fearing about hygiene or having treatments done incorrectly.

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