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How to prep your ACNE and sensitive skin during Coronavirus?

August 20, 2021

Do you struggle with sensitive skin or acne even at the best of times?

Now in addition to your skin condition, you are faced with the stress, uncertainty, and face protecting masks.

How to prep your ACNE and sensitive skin during coronavirus

Whether you are a doctor, nurse, or someone who wants to help minimise the spread of the virus, then you would be familiar with masks. As they are crucial in flattening the curve.  These pieces of medical equipment that have now found their way into our daily wardrobe.

However, the confinement of our breath on our face creates a humid and warm environment where inflammations to flourish. This makes people who already struggle with skin issues prone to increased breakouts. Here are the top tips to prep your acne and sensitive skin during the coronavirus.

Renew Your Skin

One of the keyways to prep your skin is to utilise the science in skincare products to your advantage.  High quality retinol can help assist cell turnover, so the skin does not break out. The No Face A2500 serum provides gentle yet effective renewing benefits to the skin. A combination of Retin-A and Reti-n01 boost the revelation of new skin. No Face products are a great option since they are alcohol-free, fragrance-free, cruelty-free, all-natural ingredients.

Boost Your Skins Immunity

Another great product is the Immunity Moisturiser that helps re-balance skin to have healthy microbial communities through the use of probiotics. This moisturises provides a complete defence for dermal health. A combination of natural and organic antioxidants helps decongest pores, brighten the skin and relieve the stress on the skin. The cells are nourished and help fight off inflammations. Skin under a mask is the prime location for the cultivation of germs and bacteria, therefore a good microbial balance on the skin aids in preventing bad skin conditions. The moisturiser also helps the appearance of the skin, brightening it and making it look younger.

Cleanse Your Skin

Regular cleansing and exfoliating after removing the mask are also vital in removing dead skin cells. It helps clear clogged pores and keep skin healthy. A regular gentle cleanse will help eliminate troubling particles before they have the chance to worsen your skin condition. Check out this wide selection of cleansers to choose from to help your skin stay clean. For additional tips ensure to carefully follow tips on face care prior and after removing the mask.

With the right care, you will be able to keep your skin blemish-free! The combination of keeping your skin clear, boosting its immunity through a healthy microbial balance, and the renewal of new skin will help keep acne under control.


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