Bio-Hydroderm Hydrating Facial
Bio-Hydroderm Hydrating Facial
Bio-Hydroderm Hydrating Facial

Bio-Hydroderm Hydrating Facial


The Bio-Hydroderm™ treatment simultaneously cools and infuses your skin with advanced AQUAFUSE™ solutions matched to your skin’s needs, and improves your skin conditions; dryness, ageing, fine lines, acne, hyper-pigmentation and excess oil from your very first treatment.

More gentle than conventional microdermabrasion, Bio-Hydroderm™ is non-irritating with clearly visible results.

Hydrodermabrasion combines crystal-free microdermabrasion, vacuum technology, and strategic product infusion to provide a gentle and effective exfoliation that leaves skin visibly soft, radiant, and glowing.

How does Bio-Hydroderm™ work?

The advanced Bio-Hydroderm™ technology is redefining and creating a new standard in the wet/dry microdermabrasion services. This unique technology, combined with a superior designed diamond tip handpiece, allows us to create a bespoke skin treatment for your skin.

A variety of abrasion treatment tips tailored and Aqua Fuse infusion products also allow us to perform multiple treatment passes, creating a uniquely formulated service to deliver extremely satisfying results

What should I expect?

Most clients do not find the procedure to be painful, and it requires no anaesthetic. A DermaZen Specialist will instruct you to relax as the wand is applied to your face in a slow, methodical way. There are no side effects, and your skin will look glowing and fresh almost immediately after the treatment. You can resume normal activities and apply makeup and moisturiser directly after your Hydrodermabrasion session.

How long does the treatment take?

The Bio-Hydroderm™ microdermabrasion system utilises controlled pressure and vacuum monitors to allow consistent and smooth application. Treatments are more pleasant and faster than traditional microdermabrasion systems. Depending on the required service, average treatment should take 45 minutes.

How many treatments are required before I can see results?

You will see and feel the change after a single treatment. The Bio-Hydroderm™ Microdermabrasion can be delivered as frequently as weekly or up to every eight weeks depending on your skin tolerance and desired cosmetic outcomes.

How safe is the treatment?

The Bio-Hydroderm™ system handpieces typically incorporate a clear plastic rounded tip that gently glides over the surface of the skin effortlessly and without trauma. The treatment is safe with no known or reported side effects.

Treatment Time: 45mins