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August 22, 2021


Did you know that your mood and emotions are connected to your skin? The emotional element of how sensitive your skin is has brought unique opportunities for companies to develop products to boost physical and mental wellbeing. With increasing knowledge about mental health, the tide of consciousness has brought us to care more for our emotional wellbeing. Now with better understanding the relationship between our skin and our mood, we can boost both!

Our skin impacts our mental health

Studies have found that in the United a kingdom, 70% suffer from some form of scarring on their face that impacts their self-confidence. The numbers would be similar in Australia, where 1/3 people have had melanomas removed from their body. Our skin and how it looks change how we feel about ourselves on a certain day. For this reason, there is a possibility for skincare companies to help improve people confidence as well as skin health. More consumers are looking for products for sensitive skin and to help remove imperfections.

Why do we use beauty products?

One of the main reasons that people turn to beauty products, is to feel better. Whether this is directly linked to improved complexion and therefore confidence. Or comes from the self-care time associated with a regular skincare routine. Our beauty products are therefore a crucial part of our emotional wellness. Companies are beginning to understand this, and prioritise using eco-friendly ingredients, kind packaging, and promotions to empower people.

Your body as an ecosystem

The truth is, that when we take care of our face, we are sending positive effects into other areas of our body and mind. Our body is a full ecosystem. No part of it is truly disconnected from the other. Improving our facial skin health will therefore improve our moods. this in turn can increase our motivation and therefore participation in outdoor activities. Engaging in cardiovascular exercise will in turn improve our heart health and blood circulation. Improved circulation will once again promote healthy and glowing skin. This improved appearance can again translate into a thriving mental and social situation.

How anxiety and stress can impact you

On the other hand, anxiety, stress, and lack of sleep can all work together for the opposite effect. When your body or mind are run down, your skin is at greater risk of inflammatory skin issues. Eczema and adult acne are two examples of side effects of a declined mental health state.

Taking care of your skin is just a small part of the overall picture. However, it is an easy way to start taking care of yourself today. If you are looking for some tips to improve your physical and mental earth check out our other blog posts. We have blogposts about the best food for your mental earth, habits of people with clear skin, and how to start your skincare routine today. Or book in a consultation!

At Wonderlab, we’re serious about skin health to cater for all your beauty needs. Facial treatments and massage therapy tailor-made for you!
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