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August 22, 2021

What is one of the most important parts of our daily skincare routine? Beyond moisturising and sunscreen, it may potentially be washing our face. With the amount of environmental pollution and products we put on our faces, we need to make sure we clean them off at the end of our day. A washed face will allow your skin to breathe and recover during the night. Clogged up pores and remaining makeup can all contribute to irritation, and break outs.

A better, reusable solution:

Considering the amount of innovation, we are seeing in all realms of the beauty industry, why have we been stuck with single use wipes for this many year? Not only do we know that single use wipes are detrimental to our planet. The whole of the London underground that got blocked up by the millions of wet wipes flushed down the toilet. But they also dry up, can be abrasive on our skin, and contain unknown and potentially harmful chemicals for our skin. Remember, that our skin is the vital barrier to not only looking good but feeling good. So, check out these ingredients that you should most definitely avoid in any topical skincare treatments.

So, what is the solution? Well we have the ultimate all-in-one make up revolution solution!

Let us look at the facts. The Face Pal is an All in one:

Face Pal

Re-usable, Effective, and Long Lasting (2-3 months) option for your face.

It is created to wash your face in a sustainable, soft, and hygienic manner every day. The Face Pal helps remove dirt, oils, and environmental pollutants. It works flawlessly to remove makeup and sunscreen. On top of that also helps reduce the appearance of enlarged and congested pores. With regular use, you will be able to achieve your goals of skin clarity and overall appearance! It is comfortable, easy to handle, and features the newest technology.

Innovation for Face Washing

The innovation for washing your face is here. The Face Pal ™ is developed for ultimate cleaning action without forgetting the importance of being gentle and kind on your skin. The surface is made with micro-porous PoreTech™ sponge combined with a specifically designed   FACE FIBER™. It is made for your pores to become de-clogged and leave your skin clarified and clean without abrasion.

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OUR RECENT STUDY SHOWS OVER 98% OF People who experience pore congestion, don't clean the pores properly . OVER 96% OF CONGESTION is still trapped inside the pores even after daily cleansing.

How to Clean your Face Pal

After you have used it, it is also easy to clean. You can either wash it out by hand with a gentle soap or even throw it in the washing machine for the ultimate convenience!

Make sure to get yours today and enjoy a modern, eco-friendly, and face friendly face cleaner today! If you already have one, make sure to let us know your thoughts!

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