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August 22, 2021



Can you believe it is already spring? The time for new life, renewal, and rejuvenation! Outside the flowers are blooming, birds are chirping, and warm sunny days are making a comeback. As the world around you awake, so does your skin. Now is the time for it to emerge from the act duty winter moisturisers and layers of Chapstick. It is time to give your skin the space to breathe after the dry winter air and shift your skincare to match the gentleness of spring. In this post, we will cover some of the vital skincare changes for this Change of season.

  1. Exfoliation
    Cleansing your skin of dead skin cells should be part of your everyday routine, however, just like the plants and birds waking up after winter, take your time to awake your glowing skin. Exfoliate away the dead and dry skin cells that may have accumulated from the constant change of dry cold and hot air. Give your skin an opportunity to breathe and replenish.
  1. Spring clean
    Like animals coming out of their winter burrows, it is a time for us to clean out our homes and cupboards. Take this opportunity to check your makeup, skincare, and other beauty product. Are they expired? Are you hoarding any empty bottles? Clear your bathroom to make space for the new products that you may need with the shifting seasons.
  1. Clean your make up brushes
    On the same train of thought as cleaning your cupboards, set some time aside to clean your make up brushes. It is something many of us forget to do and make up brushes can accumulate bacteria from prolonged use. Without cleaning them, we may be bringing impurities onto our skin along with our makeup and causing inflammation or break outs.
  1. Switch to a lighter moisturiser
    Now that you are not met with freezing winds or dry heated air inside, you no longer need heavy duty moisturisers. Get a lighter, water-based moisturiser instead. This way you can keep your skin hydrated without feeling heavy and smothered.  Check out this high-quality formula that will boost your skin hydration.
  1. Get outside
    You now no longer need to depend on a gym membership for your daily exercise. Getting as little as twenty minutes of exercise a day can improve your mood, your memory, prolong your life, and boost your skin health. Read about how exercising can directly improve your skin appearance. Working out in the fresh air gives you the additional benefits of getting vitamin d from the sun and fresh air.
  1. Do not forget the sunscreen
    This tip will remain the same no matter the season. Make sure to wear a high SPF sunscreen every day. Daily sunscreen protects your skin from free radicals and minimises signs of aging and chances of skin cancer.
  1. Eat seasonal produce
    Our earth grows seasonal produce that benefit our health. Eating seasonally in spring will provide us with internal hydration.  You will see that supermarkets will have more leafy greens, fresh green vegetables, and juicy fruit! Make use of the nutrients and vitamins by buying local and seasonal.

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