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August 22, 2021


Have you been looking for a new skincare treatment that can help you reach your skincare goals? Nano fractional radiofrequency treatments can help you achieve smoother, healthier, and younger looking skin. There is no down time and the results last. This painless and quick technology is the technology of tomorrow today.

What is Nano-RF?

Nano fractional radiofrequency is an advanced nonsurgical skin resurfacing treatment. It stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. The Nano fractional RF diminishes textural irregularities and other signs of skin damages. Radiofrequency technology is a commonly used technology in aesthetic medicine. It primarily focuses on remodelling tissue by stimulating collagen production. Collagen is the most found protein in our body and is essential for many functions. In the skin, it helps keep the skin elastic and smooth.

What can Nano-RF do for you?

Due to the stimulation of collagen from the radio frequency, Nano-RF can have a range of applications. One of the most common applications include reducing fine lines, skin laxity, acne scars, and overall skin rejuvenation.

How does Nano-RF work?

This treatment creates miniature wounds in the skin to help transmit heat to deeper layers. Then the body’s natural healing mechanism works to repair these miniscule cuts. It does this by increasing the production of fibroblasts. As a result, this increases collagen and elastin production that improves signs of damage visible on the skin’s surface.

how does Nano RF works

Advanced Peptides Promoting Treatment with Nano-RF

For the ultimate result in your skin rejuvenation, Wonderlab is offering a peptide treatment. Peptides are the building blocks of proteins including collagen and elastin. The use of peptides helps promote younger looking skin and fewer acne break outs. Check out the No Face peptide based targeted treatment. It can help to target aging, environmental damages, hyperpigmentation, pore issues, and post laser treatments.

Is Nano-RF treatment right for you?

If you are looking for fast results for a variety of skin concerns, then Nano-RF is right for you.

How should you protect your skin before treatment?

Prior to treatment, it is a good idea to be diligent about sun protection. There are also some ingredients and skincare products you should avoid prior to your treatment. For two days before your appointment avoid Vitamin A and AHA’s in your skincare routine. This ensures you will not experience any irritation. If you are still unsure, check with your beautician or dermatologist.


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