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August 22, 2021

Glow N Grow in lockdown!

Look at the COVID cases keep increasing everyday and the lockdown goes week after week, all beauty salons are closed, our housework has been increased, home-schooling, our daily routine has been changed, and our food habits are also not the same now. So, all these are not only impacting our minds but on our bodies and our skin as well. It’s too easy to roll out of bed and ignore the morning skincare routine, or not bother with your usual steps because you’re not wearing makeup.

But, we must remember that the skin is our biggest organ, so we should treat it with the respect it deserves and give it some love to our skin more every now and then, especially at the moment when we could all do with a bit of a pick me up!

We’ve written up some skincare survival tips to help you treat your skin over this lockdown and we’ve have mentioned some important skincare issues which you need to be aware of.

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Take Time to Pamper Yourself
Self-care is important to your overall well-being, so give your skin the love it needs and treat yourself to a face mask a few times a week.
  1. Chocolate peeling
    [Chocolate Peel] - How does it sounds with Chocolate to give you some mood lifting?  SIRCUIT® Chocolate Latic Acid (4%)  $129 - Home Care Version
    Mocha Loca™+ is a  SUPERCHARGED with potent ingredients that help to soothe and protect, this emollient formula softens comedones while the natural cocoa and ground coffee make it smell sinfully delicious leaving you with a beautiful, radiant complexion! Bestseller!Sinfully sweet, no calorie, carb-free chocolate fix! (Only available to Wonderlab Members)

  2. BABOR SPA Peeling
    [Body Peeling] BABOR SPA Shaping Peeling Cream $69 - Smooth & Silk
    BABOR SPA SHAPING produces a seductive, refined silhouette. With the extra dose of performance thanks to Glaucine, a highly effective active ingredient extract that naturally occurs in yellow poppy seeds, the skin surface appears more even and firm.
    #baborspa #metime💕 #onemoment #naturemeetsscience
  3. Oatmeal Mask[Oatmeal Mask] Oatmeal Enzymes Mask [90g] $85
    Formulated with Coconut Powder and Pineapple to gently buff away dead skin cells and leave skin feeling purified and softened.
    An innovative scrub-to-mask blend loaded with powerful natural ingredients including raw oats, which is a clinically proven ingredient for soothing problem skin.
  4. Calming Mask Sheet
    [Calming Mask] BABOR Skinovage - Calming Bio-Cellulose Mask [5 pc] $90
    This bio-cellulose mask has been specially designed for sensitive skin and is based on fermented coconut milk (bio-cellulose). With pullulan and hyaluronic acid, the mask immediately provides long-lasting moisture. Allantoin and panthenol help to sooth the skin. The mask adapts itself to the shape of the face like a second skin and leaves the skin moisturized, fresh and glowing.
  5. BABOR Foam Mask
    [Foam Mask] BABOR Skinovage - Moisturizing Foam Mask [75ml]  $80
    This foaming mask has been specially developed for dry skin. Dry skin lacks oil and moisture. This results in a dull, raw, flaky appearance and leaves the skin feeling less elastic and soft. An unpleasant tension in the skin particularly occurs following cleansing.
    The skin appears well cared for and noticeably softer. The gentle foam feels especially light when applied.
  6. DOCTOR BABOR Brightening Mask
    [Brightening Mask] DOCTOR BABOR - Bright Effect Mask [5 pc] $132
    Intensively brightening mask. The perfectly shaped Bright Effect Mask made of 100% cotton is impregnated with Power-Brightening active ingredients that leave the skin looking radiant after 15 minutes. For a naturally radiant and brightened face and a youthful complexion. Recommended for all skin types. Without fragrances.
Protect yourself against blue light
Despite the fact that we might not being going outside as much these days, it is still so important to protect yourself from one your skin’s worst enemies: blue light. Blue light is also known as HEV (High-Energy Visible) and are rays that are mainly emitted from the sun, but also come from our phones and tablets.
  1. Sun Protector[Sun Protector Serum] Antioxidant Plus PHOTO Corrector $219The Antioxidant Plus is an effective skin solution to target:
    • Pigmentation Issues
    • Photo Damage appearance
    • Oxidative Stress
  2. BABOR Sun Protection
    [Sunscreen 50+] DOCTOR BABOR - Protecting Balm SPF 50 $85
    360° protection against premature skin aging caused by UV and environmental factors. The lightweight Protecting Balm SPF 50 is quickly absorbed without becoming sticky. Protection against pollu-aging: Biosaccharides and vitamin E provide protection against free radicals and harmful environmental influences. Also highly suitable for sensitive skin and after intensive peelings and cosmetic device treatments.
Stay Hydrate!
Just because we may not be going out as much at the moment, doesn’t mean we can skip using our moisturisers. Being inside more often during the winter months can actually dry out your skin more due to central heating reducing the humidity in the air.
  1. Hydrator
    [Winter Hydrator] Dermatology Science Formula Molecular HYDRATOR $100
    Molecular HYDRATOR is a Micro Muti-Molecular Hyaluronic Acid formulated with clinical grade forms of Hyaluronic Acids of different molecular sizes for multi-dimensional skin hydration and rejuvenation.

    • Multi-dimensional Hydration
    • Rejuvenation
    • Collagen Support
    • Skin Matrix Maintenance
  2. Immuinity Cream[Moisturise daily] IMMUNITY Natural Probiotic Multi-Peptides Moisturiser [50ml] $89
    One of the best things you can do for your skin is to keep it hydrated and moisturised. Well-hydrated skin remains supple and allows it to battle off inflammations of break outs. Consider some of these luxurious moisturisers to boost your skin’s immunity!
    Check out the full range of moisturiser here!

    LIke Mother LIke Daughter HSR

  3. [HSR] BABOR HSR - Lifting Extra Firming Serum [30ml] $232
    Five high-performance active ingredients visibly combat all types of lines and wrinkles, such as expression lines and gravitational lines.Extra 20% OFF when gets together with HSR Lifting Extra Firming Cream.
    Simply enter code: HSR
  4. [HSR] BABOR HSR - Lifting Extra Firming Cream Rich [50ml] $251
    A luxurious, rich, anti-wrinkle cream, especially for dry skin. It visibly combats all types of lines and wrinkles, such as expression lines and gravitational lines, as well as loss of tone. The cream provides an individual lifting experience, leaving your skin looking smoother and more elastic, and facial contours more defined.
  5. DOCTOR BABOR Collagen[DOCTOR BABOR] DOCTOR BABOR - Collagen Booster Cream Rich [50ml] $276
    Collagen Booster Cream Rich is an exceptionally rich cream that was specially developed to counteract loss of tissue firmness, reduce the depth of lines and strengthen the skin’s protective barrier. For mature, dry skin: Collagen Booster Cream Rich is an exceptionally rich cream that counteracts loss of tissue firmness, reduces the depth of lines and helps to strengthen the skin’s protective barrier.
  6. BABOR Skinovage Moisturing Cream[Moisturise daily] BABOR Skinovage - Moisturizing Cream [50ml] $140
    This moisturizing cream has been specially developed for dry skin. Dry skin lacks oil and moisture. This results in a dull, raw, flaky appearance and leaves the skin feeling less elastic and soft. An unpleasant tension in the skin particularly occurs following cleansing.
    Check out the full range of moisturiser here!
  7. BABOR Botanical Ampoules Limited Edition
    Nothing stands in the way of Radiantly Beautiful Skin!
    Experience the symbiosis of 🌿🌺Natural Ingredients🌺 🌿and highly efficient scientific formulas for six different skin needs.
    Lifting . Repair . Chill . Perfection . Energy . Hydra

What causes finelines
What causes fine lines and wrinkles?
Sometime around our mid-twenties, we suddenly realise that fine lines have begun appearing around our eyes and mouth. Suddenly smiling wide in photos brings attention to the years of laughter we have had, and we may begin to feel more self-conscious about our gently aging skin. While there is no way to reverse aging, there are plenty of amazing skincare products that can slow the signs.

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