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August 22, 2021

Blackheads are stubborn mild forms of acne that are recognized by their small size and black to dark surface covering. They are caused by oil or dirt accumulating in hair follicles and causing a clog. Unlike whiteheads that are closed, blackheads are open to the elements that has caused the blockage to turn black. They are one of the most common skin conditions across the world and have many potential treatment solutions. On top of prescription medication, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, laser and light therapy, and manual removal. There are also some great skincare products that you can include in these 5 home care tips for cleaning pores.

How do pores get clogged up?

Clogged up pores can occur due to a variety of issues. Most commonly, an excess of oil produced in hair follicles combined with dead skin cells accumulating causes pores to become blocked up. Certain factors increase the likelihood of clogged pores and include puberty, fluctuating hormones, certain medications, bacteria on the skin, or improper exfoliation.

5 home care tips for cleaning pores

1. Daily facial cleansing

The best way to reduce the amount of dirt and oil that stays on your skin, is to cleanse your face daily. A gentle daily cleanser is the key to help remove the day's dirt and grime from your face. The key is to remove the dirt without stripping your skin completely of oil. Because in that case, your glands may go into overdrive and over produce oil following the cleansing. Check out our Multi Action Hydro Oxygen Resolve HD Wash Foam as a fantastic option to add to your daily skincare routine. The H4O Resolve HD Wash Foam is designed to dissolve non-bio particles clogged inside the pores without alcohol. Experiments have shown the exciting results in dissolving even leftover makeup that’s clogged inside pores causing blackheads.

2. Remove all your makeup

We have all been guilty of going to sleep without removing our makeup before. However, leaving foundation and other makeup on your skin does not only clog up pores, but decreases your skin's ability to breathe and heal. Therefore, no matter how tired you are at the end of the night, ensure you take the time to remove your makeup.  Water based makeup removers work great as they easily remove the make up without stripping your skin.  Water based makeup removers such as the H4O Oxygen Aqua dissolves the makeup without causing skin sensitivity, and people love it for not having to make the face and hands oily during the makeup removal process.

3. Weekly Exfoliation

This absolutely crucial step in every one's skincare routine. It is recommended to exfoliate dead skin cells on your face, and your body once a week. There are both physical and chemical exfoliants available, so you may want to try and see what one is the best fit for you. Our favourite exfoliators include the water based exfoliator by NO FACE  or the phyto cell physical exfoliator, and the PORETECH Facepal, which is using Microfibers reach deep inside the pores to physically bring out the blackheads, leaving the skin refreshed and purified without grease.

4. Keep your sheets clean.

Your pillows and sheets harbour a large amount of dead skin and bacteria. As gross as it sounds, it's a good reminder to keep your sheets and pillows clean. Your pillow in particular collects your facial oils as you toss and turn in the night. Therefore, regularly washing your sheets minimises the transfer of bacteria to and back from your pillow.

5. Stop touching your face.

Your hands are covered in dirt, oil, and bacteria every day. No matter how much you wash them, you will still have an accumulation on your hands and fingers. For this reason, it is crucial to keep your hands off your face. This way you minimize the amount of dirt touching your face and can stop clogging up your pores.

These are just our top tips for at home care to minimize clogged pores. What are some of your favourite habits or tips? We would love to hear from you. Let us know in the comments below what practice, routine, or hack you use to keep your skin clear.

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