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August 22, 2021

Dull skin may be hard to point out, while the absence of glowing skin is apparent. Glowing skin appears from a combination of adequate sleep, proper hydration, inner peace, and confidence. Dull skin on the other hand, can be caused by a variety of causes. In this blog posts, we will touch upon some of the most common causes of dull skin and how to treat them.

Dead Skin Cells

The accumulation of dead skin cells can cause your skin to appear dull. The dead skin cells aggregate on the surface of your skin blocking the youthful and new cells beneath. You may notice the dead skin cells by an ashy tint on your face as you shed millions of skin cells every day.

Solution: Cleanse your face daily and exfoliate weekly. These regular steps in your skincare routine will help clear away dead skin cells and make space for the healthy skin beneath.

Fossil fuel based economy and environmental impacts.

Believe it or not, the polluted air of a fossil fuelled run economy impacts our skin. The polluted air contains tiny particles of dirt, sulphur dioxide, and others that create free radicals on the skin. Free radicals damage collagen and stimulate pigment production. This can create new wrinkles and a tone and texture that is uneven. If your skin's texture is uneven, it can diffuse light and appear duller.

Solution: Wash your face every day to remove the environmental pollutants. Unfortunately, if you do not wash well enough these pollutants accumulate over time. A good option is to also boost your skin's protection by including antioxidant serums and moisturisers in the morning.

Skin conditions that cause further skin issues

If you suffer from a skin condition, such as dry skin, acne, or similar, it can contribute to additional conditions. Acne frequently leads to long term black heads, black heads and white heads can lead to scarring and irregular skin tone and so on. Therefore, to improve the glow of your skin, you need to target your existing conditions. Book yourself an appointment to diagnose your skin conditions and find a way to treat meant.

Solution: Ensure you have a good skincare routine that helps target your particular skin issues. If you are unsure of what treatment or products to use, check out our blog or book an appointment for some advice.

Detailed Skin Assessment for you to understand your current skin condition, speak with our WonderSkin Specialist to get to know more.

Your skin is dehydrated.

The lack of water in your skin will make it look dry, ashy, and deflated. Therefore hydration, both inside and topically is key. Hydration also helps keep the skin a healthy barrier and improves overall appearance.

Solution: Drink the recommended amount of water every day and use a hydrating cream or serum every morning and before sleep. Try applying the serums and moisturisers right after the shower to lock in additional moisture.

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Hydrating Collagen Facial

Stress causes skin issues

Stress is truly the cause of just about every problem in our lives. Skin is no different. If you are stressed, you may sleep less, touch your face more, drink more caffeine and alcohol rather than water, and potentially neglect your skincare routine. In addition, the stress hormones themselves also put pressure on your body and stop it from working optimally.

Solution: IT may be easier said than done but stop stressing. Take time to reprioritize, ensure you have time for yourself, book yourself a massage to pamper yourself, and remember sometimes it's okay to say no. You need to take care of you.

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