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August 22, 2021

No one wants enlarged pores. Enlarged pores are visible in photographs and make many people self-conscious about their face. While the poreless image is impossible to achieve, there are ways you can minimize your pore side. In this post, we will cover some of the top ways on how to deal with enlarged pores.

What are enlarged pores?

Enlarged pores are pores that have stretched out due to a variety of reasons. They are depressions in the facial skin surface, that contain openings that carry sweat and oil from their eccrine or sebaceous glands. While having pores is natural, enlarged pores are pores that appear larger in size than typically clean and healthy pores.

What causes enlarged pores? 

Enlarged pores can be caused by several factors including genetics, age, sun damage, and whether they are clogged. Unfortunately like many things, your genes are the greatest determining factor of your pore size. In addition, as you age, your skin loses elasticity that causes your skin to stretch and sag. This can make your pores appear larger and more prominent. Just like the primary cause of aging, sun damage is a key factor for enlarged pores. Years of sun exposure can make pores look larger. The last factor is probably the most manageable one. Clogged pores can be caused by a variety of conditions, and you can check out our detailed blogpost about it here. However, cleansing your face, exfoliating weekly, and eating healthy foods can help minimise the oil blocking your pores.

Some of the keyways to deal with enlarged pores are as follows.

Cleanse twice daily

If you want to minimize your pore size, you should add cleansing to your morning and night-time routine. A gentle cleanser will help remove any dirt, grime, excess oil, or dead skin cells from your face. Check out this H4O™ Multi Action Hydro Oxygen Resolve HD Wash Foam helps dissolve environmental pollutants left on the surface of the skin, decongest the pores, and leaves the skin cleansed and refreshed.

With a cleaner face, you will have a smaller chance of your pores becoming pores and therefore enlarged. If your pores are clean, they will have the chance to shrink to their smaller, and original size.


Skin Ingredients - Salicylic Acid
With the right skincare, you can make pores less noticeable. For mild blackheads, you can try to use ingredient - Salicylic acid. It works by aiding your skin to shed dead skin cells from the outer most layer. It also helps decrease redness, swelling, and inflammation. This combination of impacts decreases the number of pimples and can also speed up heeling.

Check out this CLARÏFÍER Enzy  to targets pore congestion through natural enzymes that can efficiently assist in removing accumulated oils and other lipophilic properties, and help reduce skin stress after being exposed to environmental stressors.

Use Retinol

If you have oily skin or mild acne, your pores will look enlarged. That is why retinol-based products used before bed can help. Unfortunately, some people find these products irritate the skin. To avoid this, wash your face and then wait 30 minutes to apply a product. Check out our favourite retinol products here.

Treat Acne

Enlarged pores may be a side effect of black heads, white heads, and other forms of acne. By treating acne, you will be able to clear your pores and help them reduce in size. Whether you use prescription medication, acne targeted treatments, or facials. Before reducing your pores, you will need to treat acne. Check out the medifacials  and dermabrasions available at Wonderlab. Click here for the ultimate solution for blackheads, the clarifier!

Use sunscreen.

To avoid sun damage, you need to use sunscreen in your everyday routine. Even on cooler or overcast days, sunscreen is the key to keeping your skin healthy, protected, and looking young. Sun damage will decrease the skin's elasticity and firmness, as well as create discolouration and sunspots. As your skin loses firmness your pores begin to look more visible.

How to deal with enlarged pores

The best way to deal with enlarged pores, is to keep your skin healthy, clean, and hydrated. Providing your skin with regular cleansing, exfoliation, and hydration will improve its overall appearance. With the removal of oil and dirt, your pores will be empty and have the chance to return to a smaller size. Let us know what your favourite solutions are to enlarged pores.

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