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August 20, 2021


Are you one of those people who slather all the skincare products onto your face in the hope of gaining the individual benefits of each of them? Unfortunately, skincare does not work that way. It is possible that certain combinations, even of the best skincare products, can backfire if you use too many. Less is truly sometimes more. Too many products and active ingredients can counteract each other and irritate your skin. Sometimes they can not absorb properly and instead of the desired affect clog pores and cause break outs. Here are several ways to find out if you are using too many skincare products.

  1. You do not alter your routine seasonally

Products can have adverse effects depending on the season and environmental factors. The humid summer months impact your skin completely differently from the drying and harsh winter air. An everyday routine should include moisturiser, antioxidant, and sunscreen. In dry conditions, it can be better to user fewer but creamier products. A toner on the other hand, should be used sparingly in winter in comparison to summer months. Check out this post to learn more about how your skin changes with the seasons.

  1. You do not keep track of active ingredients

If you look at your shelf, you will see an abundance of antioxidant, retinoid, acne, and exfoliating products. A beauty routine can become inefficient if you use too many active ingredients or combine products that cancel each other out. A common mistake is overloading sensitive skin with glycolic or salicylic acid in combination with products containing retinoids. Similarly, vitamin C added to a topical retinoid can cause an over drying combination. If unsure, feel free to check out Environmental Working Groups Skin Deep cosmetics database to see possible irritants.

  1. Shiny but Not Oily Skin

One sign of over exfoliation is that your skin appears shiny, without having an oily texture. Over Exfoliated skin appears shiny since it has lost more of the surface dead skin cells than necessary. You want some of the dead skin cells to remain to keep roughness on the skin surface so the light scatters. If you skin feels tight, that may be another symptom of over exfoliating.

How To Check Your Beauty Routine

If you feel unsure whether you have too many beauty products in your skincare routine, consider stripping them back to the essentials. See how your skin reacts with the basics that you can find in our every day make up routine. To ensure the best treatment of your skin, also opt for high quality skincare products. Natural and organic ingredients will nourish your skin and give you the protection you require.


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