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August 20, 2021

We all know that the Australian sun is particularly harsh and requires us to take special care of our skin. While every skincare makes up routine should include sunscreen, it is vital in the southern hemisphere. Sunburn and frequent sun exposure can cause long term damage to the skin. This accelerates wrinkles, increases dark spots, and pigmentation changes.

Ingredients to target pigmentation

What contributes to pigmentation in your skin?

Pigmentation and varying skin tone are dictated by genetics. In darker skin tones, melanin is tightly packed into melanosome while in paler spin the melanin spacing is much greater. Melanocytes are mature cells in our skin responsible for creating melanin. They are genetically programmed to produce a certain amount of melanin; however, the sun can increase the amount.

UV rays can stimulate melanocytes to produce more melanin and darken your complexion. Another thing that triggers melanocytes is inflammation. Skin inflammation can come about from acne or other surface diseases. These can cause discoloration and long-term marks on your face.

If you are someone who suffers from pigmentation changes, sun damage, and dark spots, then here are some of the ingredients you should keep a look out for.

Ingredients for Brightening Skin

The following ingredients work to inhibit the tyrosinase enzyme that is responsible for the birth of melanin. These ingredients will help you gain control over your skin and reach your skin goals.

  1. Arbutin
  2. Azelaic Acid
  3. Hydroquinone
  4. Kojic acid
  5. Liquorice Extract
  6. Niacinamide
  7. Vitamin C
  8. Vitamin E

ACTIVITA™ Niacinamax® B3B5 Supreme Complex is the ultimate form of Niacinamide that you can apply to your skin. It combines the power of B3 and B5 in the perfect formula to boost your skin. It is the advanced version of niacinamide and the solution to your skincare concerns.

ACTIVITA™ Niacinamax® B3B5 Supreme Complex

Here are some of the most popular skin brightening products. Some of the best products to help Dark Spots include M1 and 8900 that include nonapeptides along with melanin inhibitors.

Pigmentation Program

Regular Exfoliation to Boost Skin Regeneration

On top of slowing the production of melanin, brightening your skin can be achieved by regular exfoliation. Removing old skin cells can boost skin regeneration and help even out your complexion. The removal of dead and discoloured skin cells, hyperpigmentation, from the surface will allow new cells to replace them. AHA or retinol products are perfect for this. To achieve desired results, persistence and patience are key. Daily cleansing and weekly exfoliation will help your skin looking at its best.

Do not forget your sunscreen

Lastly, to keep your skin protected from UV rays then include a high-quality daily sunscreen in your beauty routine. The SPF helps shield your skin from free radicals and decreases the production of melanin. If unsure, check out some of these sunscreens.


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