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How to adapt the skincare routine when you wear a face mask all day long?

August 20, 2021

How to adapt your new skincare routine when you wear a face mask all day long

Masks have now become an essential part of many people’s day. They are somewhat of a mandatory in Australia. While some people are choosing to wear them to protect people around them and help flatten the curve. While they offer protection against the spread of germs, they can have unwanted consequences on your skin.

How to adapt the skincare routine when you wear a face mask all day long

Here are 7 tips to consider adapting your beauty routine if you are wearing a mask all day long.

  1. Extra Nourishment

A mask on your face can cause dry skin and irritation. For this reason, amping up your everyday routine by including serums and face mists will help combat these issues. Check out the wide range of newest dermatology science formula skin vitamins serum.

  1. Do not forget your sunscreen

Just because half of your face is covered, does not mean you should forget to take care of your remaining exposed skin. Even if you decide to skip out on makeup, ensure to keep sunscreen firmly in your daily routine. Sunscreen helps minimise the damage caused by UVs that can even penetrate your office or home windows.

Check out this 360 degree Doctor BABOR sun protection!

  1. Refocus your make up

While lipstick and blushes can stain your masks, you can still play with eye looks to feel beautiful. Use this time to let your skin be make up free, instead focusing your attention to accentuating your eyes. Try eyebrow pencils, clear gels for brows, a slick of eyeliner and a coat of mascara to transform your masked look.

  1. Remember to protect your lips

Even if your lips are staying hidden beneath the protective layers of masks, give your lips some tender love and care! Stock up on quality lip balm that use ingredients such as Vitamin E and shea butter. Check out this lifting cellular and firming lip booster!

  1. Consider your foundation choice

You do not want to be removing your mask to find streaks of foundation on it every day. Consider going foundation-free, or then opting for formulas that do not rub off. Try foundations with staying power such as a liquid stick or cream foundations. Waterproof formulas with a combination of a thin layer of translucent powder on top can be the winner.

Before you apply the foundation, consider to apply a few drops of these BABOR botanical limited edition ampoules into your skin moisturizer, then mix with makeup foundation to nourish your skin.

BABOR Botanical Ampoules

  1. Let it sit

Try and avoid touching our face or fiddling with your mask too much. Luckily, everyone is creating medical masks, including plenty of cute and fashionable ones to embellish your wardrobe. Put the mask on when you need to and try and let it stay on your face. This will help minimise the amount of rubbing, bacteria transmission, and damage to your skin.

  1. Treat your face

Once you take your mask off, make sure to continue with your skincare routine as you usually would have. Ensure to remove all of the makeup and follow the steps to boost your skin health. If unsure, we have several articles about the ultimate steps for a skincare routine.

If unsure of what skincare will work best for you, organise an online skin consultation HERE. Or check out the skincare products created by NO FACE that are created with high-quality ingredients and are all dermatologically tested Australian made products.

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