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How to take care of your skin during all stages of your life

August 22, 2021

Our skin is the largest organ in our body, and just like the rest of us is dynamic. In this post you will learn how you should adapt your skincare routine throughout your life to best protect, nourish, and pamper your skin.

How to take care of your skin during all stages of your life

Teenage Years

During adolescence the surge of hormones and bodily changes creates an overproduction of sebum and can frequently result in oily skin. Partially due to genetics frequently aided by diet and lack of skin understanding, this oily skin can contribute to inflammatory acne. Acne occurs in varying degrees of severity but improper care can potentially leave scarring and uneven texture for many years to come. To best treat oily and acne prone skin, consider checking out the reasons teenagers should get started on a regular skincare routine. Daily cleansing, weekly exfoliating, and proper moisturising can help keep the oily build up at bay and keep the skin clear to minimise the severity and frequency of acne break outs.

25-35 Years

Genetics, lifestyle, and your environment determine at what stage the epidermis and dermis begins to thin, but typically the first signs of aging may appear from the age of 25. As the skin begins to thin, its barrier function and natural protection against UV reduces. You may experience your first fine lines and whispers of wrinkles. During this stage, it is vital to protect your skin from harsh sunlight by using high SPF sunscreens regularly. Moisturising also helps keep the skin hydrated and smooth. A peptide treatment in your skincare routine can help maintain collagen mass and production, as natural production depletes approximately by 1% a year. After the turbulent teenage years, the skin settles down and while occasional acne break outs can occur they tend to be less severe.

36-45 Years

As you see more of life, your skin continues to change. Embrace this change by spending more time to learn about the products that are going to rejuvenate your skin. Avoid skincare that contains chemicals, mineral oils, or petroleum based ingredients. These ingredients act like glad wrap and do not allow your skin to respire or absorb any beneficial nutrients. Investing in high quality chemical free natural make up can be an additional dedication to nourish your skin through the day. You may notice an increased change in pigmentation due to freckles and a deepening of wrinkles and fine lines, but not to worry! You can benefit from the massive advances within skincare. Learn with the help of your dermatologist about the multi peptide moisturisers that help boost collagen production or glutathione based products that help lighten and even out your skin pigmentation. It is never too late to learn more about your skin, so taking the time to visit a qualified skin expert can help you achieve your desired goals and keep your skin healthy and youthful.

46-60 Years

Your skin’s ability to produce lipids decreases along with a decline in Hyaluronic acid decreases collagen production. This causes dryness, dehydration, and deeper wrinkles. Since skin regeneration has slowed, the thinning layers of the dermis and epidermis will experience a loss in elasticity and the skin becomes more sensitive. UV rays. Therefore your skin is more likely to experience hyper pigmentation, also known as age spots. Menopausal and pre-menopausal women will also typically find their skin is much more reactive than it used to be. That is why it is more important now than ever to invest in high quality natural ingredients that will nourish your skin in every step of your beauty regime. Avoid any harsh chemicals, artificial fragrances, propylene glycol and triclosan to minimise irritation. Adding a weekly nourishing mask to rehydrate can also give your skin a nourishment boost it is seeking.

Whatever point of life you are in, a personalised and regular skincare routine will be able to target your skincare concerns. Whether you are fighting with oily skin, or a loss in collagen production, there are thoroughly researched skincare products that can help your skin health and keep you looking happy and glowing.

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