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August 22, 2021

If you have suffered from acne, then you will know about the mental and physical impacts it has on you. Acne may feel like an unparalleled opponent, but we have plenty of options on how to tackle it. In this post, we will chat about the top probiotic skincare to treat acne.

What are probiotics?

Probiotics are deeply intertwined with our health ranging from anxiety, bloating, to skincare. Essentially, probiotics are ingredients that promote the growth of healthy bacteria in our body. True probiotics are live organisms that can be found in fermented foods such as yogurt, sauerkraut, or high-quality supplements. In the past, you would have heard about probiotics and their connection to gut health. However, probiotics can also help with skincare issues.


What are probiotics in skincare? They are a bacterial supplement.

What are the major benefits of probiotics? Probiotics can calm internal and external inflammation. In skincare, they restore skin barrier function, protect from environmental particles, and stops negative bacteria growth.

Who should use probiotics? Probiotics can benefit any human body, however people with inflammatory conditions can use the help. Inflammatory skin conditions including acne, eczema, or rosacea are some examples.

How often should you use probiotics? Probiotics are safe to use both orally and as a topical treatment both morning and night.

What ingredients can probiotics be combined with? Probiotics and ceramides work well together to improve the skins protective barrier.

Be careful when combining probiotics with any antibiotics as they will lessen the positive impacts of the others.

What can probiotics do for you?

Since probiotics reduce inflammation both internally and externally, their application and impact may vary. So, what are some of the benefits of probiotic treatments?

Probiotics calm internal inflammation: taking probiotics can help your digestive tract.

Probiotics reduce bacteria prone inflammation: When it comes to acne, the bacteria that causes these break outs is reduced minimising the severity and frequency of out breaks. Using probiotics can help keep the skin’s balance in check.

Probiotics protect your skin from environmental damage. An external source of irritation and infection frequently comes from the outside environment. Probiotics can bolster your skins defences and work in combination with other treatments for acne and rosacea.

Probiotics also strengthen the skins natural moisture barrier. If you have found that to help reduce your acne you have been scrubbing your skin dry. The probiotics help restore the skins natural barrier function. In addition to keeping moisturiser, it minimises redness, sensitivity, break outs, and irritation.

What are the best probiotic skincare products?

The best probiotic skincare products to treat acne must be the NO FACE range of Phytogen™ Skin Factors. This is a series of laboratory tested products developed for skin clinics to help people achieve their skincare goals. The NO FACE range and company has taken many steps to ensure that all products are tested for microorganisms and other potentially harmful ingredients. However, since NO FACE is a natural and conscious brand, they do not test on animals and are completely vegan.

These are some of the substances that are tested for in each NO FACE product.

  • NO Bacterial Contamination
  • NO Contaminants
  • NO Heavy Metals
  • NO Carcinogenic Ingredients
  • NO Toxic Additives

What probiotic skincare treats acne?

Out of the NO FACE skincare products, the best to treat acne is the Phytoge L3-L7 factors. These are potent and effective anti-inflammatory series to treat acne and skin inflammation treatment. The combination of these treatments inhibits recurring acnes from happening. In addition to clearing up what is already on the skin, the NO FACE skincare products prevent future acne. Get a skin consultation now to learn more about how to help your skin.
acne client with factors L3 to L7
[Happy Client Share] What a beautiful transformation in 90 days on how she was able to clear up her adult acne hormonal related with IPL and home care treatment NO FACE® [Box Set] PHYTOGEN™ - ACNE Clearing Set

L3- Hydrate damaged acne skin

L4- Sooth inflamed skin

L5- Potent bacteria inhibitor preventing the formation of acne

L6- Detox and rebalance dermal conditions

L7- Hormonal balancer regulating dermal hormones to get rid of acne for good.

Within 4 weeks her skin became less and less sensitive and the redness and inflammation totally subsided after 4 IPL treatments.

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