Do you suffer from skin inflammation? It may come from environmental factors, internal genetics, or other skincare issues. However, whatever the causes are, in this post we will teach you everything you need to know about how to treat skin inflammation. Along with, the top treatments and products to help you achieve clear and beautiful skin.

How is inflammation triggered?
Inflammation can be triggered both from the inside or the outside. Internal factors such as diet, stress, or health conditions can trigger inflammation. Meanwhile, external factors include pollution, sun exposure, or air quality. Inflammation comes in many forms including redness, itching, hyper pigmentation, stubborn break outs, or early signs of aging. Inflammation is one of the most common skincare conditions that people struggle with.

What can cause inflammation?
In addition to external and internal factors, inflammation may also occur from overusing certain products. We have written another blogpost about this topic, how over doing a skincare routine can provide the opposite results. Your drawer of carefully selected skincare ingredients may be the reason for your inflammation. Whether this is due to over exfoliating, over sampling, or you are being allergic to certain ingredients within the formulas.

What products can you use to reduce inflammation?
There is no magic product that reduces inflammation. However certain ingredients can help minimise the impacts. Look out for products that contain the following ingredients.

  • Antioxidant rich botanicals
  • Healthy omega 3 and 6 fatty acids
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E

Some of our favourite products to treat inflammation include the NO FACE Phytogen products including the IG Immunity Enhancer and 98 Anti-Redness with oxygen infusion treatment. The immunity enhancer helps protect your skin from outside factors, while anti redness treats the inflammation and facial appearance.

Skin rashes

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Sometimes we may experience redness, rashes on our face due to lifestyle irregularities. Our therapist, Kimi had some rashes during Summer break, and the reason why? Too much beach time, sun sensitivity, a lack of sleep and junk foods (too much chips during stay at home lol) or drinks (too much alcohol) that interfere with her hormones. No doubt you need to apply the right products to counter balance these issues!

Amazing Peptides Targeted Factors #L3 #L7.
She just used it for a week and all the rashes are gone. Love it’s natural and organic.

Click here to learn more about treatments that can help reduce your inflammation. However, to improve your overall skin condition, consider solidifying a skincare routine. In addition, a meeting with our qualified staff in a skincare consultation can help.

Another consideration is to treat inflammation from the inside.

You can reduce inflammation on your face through treating inflammation inside your body. Stress is one of the biggest causes of inflammation. During stressful periods, the hormone cortisol is elevated within the body. If these periods of stress are frequent, then too much cortisol can cause inflammation. You may have noticed acne flare ups when you are particularly stressed at work, get lack of sleep, or on the lead up to a big day. To take care of your inside as well as your outside, consider a calming facial mask or pampering yourself at a spa.

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