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August 22, 2021

INDIBA Deep Beauty

With every passing year, our collagen production decreases. This and UV radiation are the primary causes of losing the taught, soft skin of childhood. As we age, the skin loses the firmness and elasticity causing fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging. In Addition to losing elasticity in our skin, our lives and activity levels change. In this blogpost, we will have a look at one of the ways to combat wrinkles and sagging.

After puberty, one of the key changes in our life is the onset of menopause. In this transformation our hormone levels Change once again as we enter a new chapter of our lives. Frequently, this combination with a sedentary lifestyle causes weight gain and an increase in body fat. The insulating layer of our body (adipocytes) expands outwards pushing against the dermal layer of skin. Since our skin is as elastic as it once was, this can cause sagging and loose skin.

Side note: Extreme weight gain and weight loss can also contribute to excessive amounts of loose skin.

say goodbye to sagging skin

However, our bodies are not the only places where excess skin suddenly seems to appear. Eyelids droop, this causes wrinkles in the forehead as muscles contract to lift the eyelids.

One of the ways to help combat age associated skin sagging and drooping is INDIBA 448KHz Radiofrequency. This can do several things for you.

  1. Bio-stimulation - Activates metabolism, collagen and fibroblasts
  2. Microcirculation - Boosts metabolism, blood flow and drainage
  3. Hyper-activation - Detoxifies tissues, eliminates fat and regenerates collagen

The goal of the treatment is to give your skin better oxygen flow to minimise fluid retention. In addition, deep fat cells are shrunk, and toxins are flushed out. The combination of these treatments helps counteract some of the sagging that is caused by aging.

How does INDIBA Radiofrequency work?

This machine works by using electromagnetic energy to penetrate the skin. This energy is delivered deep into the dermis and sub dermis is layers. Through this penetration, the energy can cause the collagen fibres to contract and deliver results. No damage occurs to the surface layer, yet the treatment dives well below the upper dermis. With just one treatment facial lines become less visible. Patients frequently see their face appear firmer and more lifted. To get the optimal results, successive treatments are recommended.

How long to see optimal results?

Successive treatments with the INDIBA leads to additional collagen production on the skin that helps rejuvenate the skin long term. After several months, the increased collagen production will be visible through youthful looking skin.

Not only skin, but also fat can be treated with INDIBA Radiofrequency

The electromagnetic energy delivered to target areas can have a thermal effect on the cells. This will stimulate fat reduction, also known as lipolysis. Fatty deposits are contoured and are reshaped in the area. Slowly the fats are removed from the cell and naturally excreted through the body’s cellular function. Unless an individual wishes to go under the knife, this is one of the best ways to remove unwanted fat without a cosmetic surgery.

Is this the best process for you?

To know whether this is the best treatment for your issues, make an appointment with a licensed dermatologist. They will be able to guide you through the process and find the ideal way to fix your skincare concerns. If you want to learn about other ways to reverse the signs of aging, make sure to check out these blog posts here.

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