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August 22, 2021


Did you know there are several different types of wrinkles? In this post we will break down some of the most common ones and the top tips on how to treat them to rejuvenate your skin and keep you looking glowing and healthy.

Two types of wrinkles that develop as you age include dynamic and static wrinkles.

Dynamic wrinkles develop from repeated facial movements. Puckering your lips around a cigarette or straw will cause lip lines, laughter and smiling encourage smile lines, while excessive frowning will bring our ridges in your forehead.

Static wrinkles occur from the loss of elasticity as we age, and the slow win of gravity.

While wrinkles are frequently fought against and many individuals spend thousands of dollars on cosmetic procedures or products, they should be celebrated. Wrinkles can tell the story of our lives and our disposition; they share the years we have seen and experiences we have had. They are proof that we have lived a life longer than most of our ancestors could have ever dreamed of.


Different type of wrinkles


Despite this, if we want to keep our faces and bodies looking youthful and healthy, there are a few things you can do to decrease the prominence of wrinkles as we age.  Our skin changes as we age, and at every stage of our lives our skin requires different care, so check out this post.

Here are four ways to decrease wrinkles:

  • Protect and repair
If you are looking for the top ways to protect our skin and repair any damage, heading over to your local dermatologist will be your best bet. Anti-aging treatments exist in many forms, some of the most popular include:
Multi peptide treatments that allow your skin to boost its own collagen production to maintain elasticity and shape.
HSR treatments created as the anti-wrinkle treatment to improve elasticity and an instant smoothing, firms and reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

Anti-aging treatments designed to rejuvenate and replenish tired skin with nourishment and moisture to improve the look and feel.


  • Make healthy lifestyle choices

Your everyday choices are one of the primary causes of the appearances of skin. For this reason, make sure to check out our post all about healthy lifestyle choices that can impact your physical wellness and skin appearance. Drinking plenty of water and eating regular portions of fruits and vegetables are key in keeping your body hydrated and filled with adequate nutrition.

  • Choose products by skin condition

Be mindful to adjust your skincare routine according to your current skin needs and remove or add products depending on your current concerns and time of the year. When buying new products, focus on investing in high quality ingredient products that will help nourish your skin and avoid these key eight toxic ingredients.

  • Adjust crease-causing habits
Some of the habits that contribute negatively to skin appearance include smoking, alcohol consumption, lack of sleep, and excessive stress. Adjust your habits to boost your internal health and stay away from consuming harmful substances. Sun tanning is also one of the biggest habits that contribute to premature skin aging. Try and stay out of the sun and use SPF daily to protect your face from UV rays.

For more information about protecting your skin, check out our other posts about the best products to use to keep your skin looking healthy and vibrant no matter what age you are at.

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