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August 22, 2021


Is clear, smooth and glowing skin is one of your skincare goals? If  yes, a mission to achieve your skincare goals is about to start... But where do you start? In this post we will break down the top tips on how to outline, set, and achieve your skincare goals. Just like mental or fitness goals, your skin goals require time and dedication. The best first step is to start now, and to stay persistent. These are our top tips on setting your summer skincare goals.

  1. Start Small with your Goals
    While all our eventual skin care goals are to have flawless skin, this is not a realistic goal. Setting unrealistic goals will cause you to fail and therefore dishearten you on this journey. So, for this new year, pick a small and achievable start. For example, set the goal to moisturise every night before bed. Even if you manage to forego other parts of your skincare routine, having this one consistency will already help you working towards your overall goals. Once you have gotten into the habit of moisturising, you can add additional steps to your beauty routine. Before you know it, you will not even think about your daily skincare routine and your skin will thank you.
  1. Set Positive goals
    Instead of being harsh on yourself and wording your goals in a negative manner. Such as “stop eating junk food” “stop staying up late” or “stop staring at a phone before bed”. Try to a use positive and optimistic focus. Prioritise what you CAN and should do. Such as “drink 2 water bottles worth of water every day”, “dedicate at least 10 minutes a day to self-love” or “try a new vegetable-based recipe every week”. These positive addition to your daily life will not only improve your overall quality of life but will also transform into your outward appearance. Our skin is closely related to our health. So, this year, when thinking about your skin. Think about your health!

Here are a couple of small and positive goals:

    1. Moisturise every day
    2. Save water and take shorter showers
    3. Drink 2 bottles of water every day
    4. Exfoliate your skin at least once a week
    5. Choose eco-friendly and natural ingredients
    6. Invest in your self once a week by setting aside 1h
    7. Clear our old skincare products
    8. Get to sleep to ensure you get 8 hours a night
  1. Track your progress and reward yourself
    One of the best ways to incentivise change is through positive reward. Keep checking back with yourself upon this journey to your goals. Be kind to yourself and celebrate small accomplishments and achievements. Use a physical journal, a phone app, or daily reminders to keep yourself focused and on track. Once you reach small milestones, reward yourself until these behaviours and actions become a part of your routine. One great way to reward yourself (and work towards reaching your skincare goals) is to book yourself a spa treatment or facial. Self-care and self-love need to be part of all our lives in 2021. So, give yourself and your skin what it deserves today!  Book an appointment now.

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