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What is Micro-Needling? Benefits, Cost and Result.

August 22, 2021


You probably have heard of micro needling, but what exactly is it? What does it entail? What are the micro needling benefits? In this blog post we will dive into these questions and more. We will learn about how needles can benefit your skin and improve your complexion. If you are looking for another way to boost your skin health and overall appearance, you should consider this procedure. It is currently on special and can give you your desired results. If you want to learn more about ingredients and topical products, then make sure to check out our blog here.

What is micro-needling?

Micro-needling is a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure ideal for targeting a wide range of skin concerns. It helps boost your skins health, appearance, and resistance from increasing collagen production. It is also commonly referred to as collagen induction therapy.

What can micro needling do for your skin?

Micro needling can help target everything from anti-aging and other specific skincare concerns. If your skin issues have not responded to other procedures, such as chemical peels, then you may want to consider micro needling.

Targets for micro needling include:

  • acne scars
  • age spots caused by UV exposure
  • fine lines and wrinkles
  • large pores
  • other types of scars
  • decreased skin elasticity

How does micro needling work?

Micro needling works by promoting collagen production in your skin. The micro needles create tiny pin pricks in your skin that send signals to your brain as a tiny injury. Since collagen is responsible for healing, these signals will tell your body to create more collagen and send it to the target area. The additional collagen helps create new skin issue that contains more tone and texture. Unfortunately, natural collagen production decreases as we age and that results in lines, and wrinkles. Through motivating collagen production, you can counteract some of these effects.

How much does micro needling cost?

Micro needling costs depend on how much areas do you want to cover and can range from $229-$399 per session. At Wonderlab, the Micro-needling for full face is costs $259.

Currently Wonderlab beauty is offering a special of buying a Micro-Needling Treatment, and get one free Wellbeing Care Massage Treatment valued at $129! So do not miss out on this March offer.

If you want to learn more and see whether this is the option for you, please make a consultation appointment with a licensed expert. They will be able to talk you through your skincare goals and find the best solution for your specific skincare concerns.

At Wonderlab, we’re serious about skin health to cater for all your beauty needs. Facial treatments and massage therapy tailor-made for you!
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