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Why 28 days cycle?

August 20, 2021

Our skin is not only a window into our mood, shifting between flushed tones if we are embarrassed or pallid whites when we are scared, but it is also our body’s largest organ. It is our vital barrier against invasive germs, UV radiation, and infections. It echoes our inner health and requires our time and dedication to keep it healthy and thriving.

Why 28 days cycle

Luckily, in an average middle-aged adult, our skin rejuvenates every 28 days, giving you ample opportunities to give it the tender, loving care it deserves.

The Skin’s Three Layers

The skin is made up of three distinct layers named the epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous layer. In this article, we will talk about the outer layer of the skin, the epidermis. It is the waterproof barrier which is also responsible for determining your skin tone. This outer layer is comprised of dead skin cells which flake off and fall off throughout the day. They are then constantly replaced by new skin cells produced underneath. As the new cells move upward to the outside of the skin, they harden and die with the cycle continuing.

What is the 28 day skin cycle?

This cycle of new cells being created and replacing dead skin cells slows as we age. On average for an adult, it takes 28 days for the cycle to complete. This is why babies have such soft skin, as their rejuvenation cycle is a short 3-5 days. As people continue to age, the turnover cycle slows which causes dead skin cells to accumulate on the surface. This accumulation of skin cells cases sagging and a collapse of the structure which can be seen in the form of laugh lines, wrinkles, deeper folds, and looser skin. In those areas, bacteria can become trapped causing blemishes and discoloration on the irregular skin cells.

Why is the 28 day skin cycle important?

Knowing that on average your skin rejuvenates every 28 days, mean you have countless opportunities to take care of your skin to ensure it is the healthiest it can be. The cycles length and your skins wellbeing can also be determined by your hormones, nutrition, sun exposure, and stress. If you ensure to remove the dead skin cells on the outer most layer of your skin, and instead have the surface of your skin made up of the newer skin cells your skin will look softer and more luminous. It will also have less lines, imperfections, or uneven colouring. Maintaining the 28-day replacement cycle through healthy habits and regular skin care can help you keep your skin feeling smoother and more youthful.

How to keep your skin looking great?

Why not check out our blog on the 5 habits people with great skin have? There you can learn 5 easy ways to improve the health of your skin and achieve your goals of vibrant and youthful looking skin. The two main aspects are the outer skin care, and the food you put into your body, because beauty truly comes from within. If you are feeling great, you will also look great.

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Kimi from Wonderlab with SPF

Kimi from Wonderlab, had an in-depth analysis of her skin, including photos with Observ® – a skin diagnostic & imaging camera.

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