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August 22, 2021

Gold Facial

The use of gold in skincare dates back a square far as five thousand has when Queen Cleopatra supposedly slept in a gold face mask every night. Gold has been used in skin treatments by Roman and Japanese civilisations for centuries before then and remains are much sought after ingredient in beauty regimes. Check out this study to learn about why gold is fantastic for our skin.

Why is gold used in skincare?

Gold has abundant anti-aging and enriching qualities that work together to preserve the natural luminosity and elasticity of the skin. In the modern world, gold facials take inspiration from history and are used to target a range of skin problems. They cleanse, hydrate, and moisturise to help any skin tip improve skin texture and appearance.

Depending on the type of gold facial and application tech nice used, you may see slightly different results. Options include 24 karat gold leaves or gold nanoparticles suspended in liquid solution named colloidal gold.

What are the benefits of gold facials?

  1. Gold facials are great for any skin type
    Due to the diverse properties of gold, gold facials can be used and help illuminate any type of skin type. Whether it is dry, normal, oily, or combination skin.
  2. Gold prevents excess melanin
    The formation of additional melanin, triggered by sunlight, will produce a darker pigment in the form of a tan or sunspots. Gold prevents this process keeping your skin looking uniform and clear.
  3. Gold lightens you face
    Due to the enriching qualities of this non-reactive element, gold lightens and brightens your skin tone and complexion.
  4. Gold helps heal the skin from damage
    Due to the antioxidants in gold can prevent skin damage caused by free radicals. This means it helps prevent premature aging and provides a boost to your skin to repair from sun damage.
  5. Gold boosts circulation
    Gold contains ions that stimulate the body’s cells, veins, and nerves. This means it boosts the skins circulation and lymphatic drainage. This all combines to increase cell metabolism and waste secretion.
  6. Gold improves skin elasticity
    Since gold can decrease the depletion of collagen, it helps retain elasticity and the appearance of youthful skin. Collagen is responsible for keeping skin elastic and rejuvenated.
  7. Gold is anti-inflammatory
    If you suffer from inflammatory skin disorders, then a gold facial can help bring down inflammation through its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

What are the downsides of gold facials?

The main downside of gold facials is the price. Not many of us have the luxury and unlimited resourced of Cleopatra to pamper ourselves with a gold facial every night. Gold facials may also not be the best option if your skin is acne prone and it is important to keep your face out of direct sunlight to keep it looking fresh.

If you want to spoil yourself and get a gold facial for you or a loved one, book one in now. Your skin will thank you for it and you will feel like royalty!

24K gold facial

If you don't have time to come in a salon, you still can take a benefits of gold skincare with this 24K gold serum to use at home to correct the skin appearance of aging and collagen depletion while you sleep. Buy NOW!

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