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August 22, 2021



While you may be familiar with tweezing or waxing your eyebrows, threading is one of the most popular options for any facial hair removal. Threading has been the primary mode of hair removal in Asia for centuries. It consists of rolling twisted cotton thread over the hairs which rip each follicle right out of the pore. While it sounds scary and painful, here are 7 things you should know before making a threading appointment. 

Eyebrow threading is not as painful as you think

While ripping out individual hairs with a thread sounds painful, it is considered one of the gentlest forms of hair removal. People tend to experience an unusual sensation, however without much pain, if you are uncertain, simply ask your threading expert to test patch on the back of your hand to accustom to it.

It gives the sculpted look

The beautiful sculpted, yet precisely finished eyebrows that are in fashion now have been created by threading. Eyebrow threading is about precision.  Even the smallest hair van be caught and excavated by the thread. The shape of the brow can also easily be dictated, by either removing one hair at a time or a line instead.

Threading is extremely efficient

With a skilled threading expert, you can get your eyebrows or facial threading time done in record time. Experienced beauticians can shape and sculpt your brows in as little. The speed and precision of this treatment makes it a favourite for any facial hair upkeep. Experienced beauticians can shape and sculpt your brows in as little as 10 minutes, and if your eyebrows are well kept it can be even less! The speed and precision of this treatment makes it a favourite for any facial hair upkeep.

Minimal upkeep 

Unlike tweezing or waxing your eyebrows that can result in hairs of different lengths remaining in your skin, threading ensures all the hair is removed at its follicle. This also means that the hair grows back at the same rate and only minimal tweezing will be required after a couple of weeks. Professionals advise to rebook a threading session 5 to 6 weeks to upkeep the sculpted look.

It costs the same as waxing

If you are thinking of switching from waxing, then you at least will not have to change your monthly budgeting. Depending where you go, waxing and threading tend to be around the same price. A classic 10 minute shaping session will set you back around $30.

It is the gentlest form of hair removal

Since the cotton threads pull out the hair by the follicle, your skin remains well out of harms way. There is minimal chance of irritation since there is no pulling or staining on the skin. This means sensitive skin benefits from not being left raw (as it would after waxing) or painful (as it may after tweezing).

It is best suited for the face 

Due to its precision, threading is best suited for hair removal of a facial hair. It is not a great option for any other part of the body as it would take too long. Waxing or laser are better suited for larger areas. Learn about the laser options here.

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