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Are all Peptides the Same?

August 22, 2021


Generally, peptides are safe for all skin types and are primarily used to smoothen out fine lines, and clear up skin. These short chains of amino acids that act as building blocks of proteins such as collagen, elastin, and keratin. They boost communication within our skin to allow it to recover faster and remain supple.

There are however different types of peptides, so knowing what they are and their impacts on the skin can help you understand your skin needs. Luckily, many products have created multi peptide solutions to target several problems.

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How do peptides work?

How does peptides work

Different peptides have different roles. Collecting all the products that contain peptides and putting them on your skin will not automatically eliminate wrinkles. Since peptides are messengers their contribution to slowing aging and wrinkles is a little bit more complex. Think of peptides as signals sent to your body to heal itself, and in the case of skin, signals to produce more collagen.

In other circumstances such as an injury, peptides will be the messengers letting your body know to focus its energy to repair structures in your foot or hand. This is why, by adding peptides to your face during your skin care routine in the form of moisturiser or serum, you will trick your body into paying attention to this area.

Through simulating an injury or wound, these additional peptides will stimulate collagen boosts. This will encourage your skins production of collagen and hyaluronic acid. These work together to plump your skin and strengthening a healthy skin barrier.

Not all peptides are equal

There are hundreds of peptides that exist within our bodies playing different roles. Here are some of the different types of peptides employed in boosting skin appearance.

Carrier peptides deliver trace minerals that help to boost collagen,

Enzyme inhibitor peptides work to slow down the skins natural break down of collagen.

Signal peptides send messages to various parts of the skin to boost collagen, elastic, and other protein production.

Neurotransmitter peptides block the release of chemicals that cause muscle contraction of expression lines.

What are copper peptides? 

One of the most powerful and impactful peptide treatments used in skincare are copper peptides. Copper is naturally found in our bodies and is an essential nutrient to help form red blood cells. Copper peptides have been found to be related to degenerative diseases.

The copper peptides are also responsible for the creation of collagen and elastin. The topical copper peptides have been found to not only help to boost the creation, but also help maintain the collagen. Some evidence has been found that copper peptides also encourage your skins cycles to remove damaged collagen and elastin. Unfortunately, in studies it has rarely been compared to other peptides or other ingredients containing such powerful antioxidants.

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