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Why Do Peptides Benefit Our Skin?

August 22, 2021

The Miraculous Ingredient in Beauty Scare

With everyone looking for the next product to help slow the signs of aging, the term “peptides” would have certainly cropped up in your searches. The claim is that peptides are the hero we have been looking for. This claim has also been confirmed by numerous dermatologists.

This miraculous ingredient can supposedly smooth, repair, and hydrate the skin. Helping you achieve a youthful glow and strengthened confidence.

In this article, we will break down exactly what peptides are, and if they are worth having in skincare products used in your beauty regime.

What exactly are peptides?

Peptides are strings of amino acids, that are the building blocks within our body. Amino acids create proteins responsible for a myriad of functions.

Amino acids make up the proteins that help reduce wrinkles, keep nails strong, and our hair silky. This is because these Peptides contribute to new collagen as well as elastin fibre production. These fibres add tissue firmness and elasticity to our skin to strengthen the first line of defence from impurities in the outside world. As the largest organ in our body, our skin is our primary defence against illnesses and requires these proteins for its structure and function.

Naturally occurring peptides help regulate firmness, texture, and overall appearance of our skin. Apart from the skin, peptides are found in every human cell and act as a biological messenger to aid in the performance of various body functions. Without sufficient peptides, our bodies would struggle in areas including the creation and use of enzymes, hormones, and energy conversions.

What happens to skin as we age?

As time goes on our skin decreases its production of elastin and collagen. This causes our body to lose the primary warriors that keep our skin smooth and taught. Our skin can become damaged by free radicals created from UV radiation, smoking, physical impacts, or time. As we age it loses the ability to tighten up as there are fewer biological messengers dictating to produce collagen.

This causes the dead skin cells to renew less regularly, and wrinkles become more prominent.

Hydration and staying out of the sun have always been the two primary methods of slowing aging. Now, peptides have been deemed as the ultimate anti-aging ingredient as they work to boost collagen and allow the slowing of natural skin degradation.

How do peptides work in skin care?

While we have naturally occurring peptides in our body, adding them into our skincare routine can help to slow the signs of aging. Experts have found that we lose 1% of our remaining collagen every year after age 30. This loss of collagen, in combination with surface damage from the environment and UV rays can be seen through increased and prominent wrinkles.

Initially, skincare products attempted to boost collagen production by adding collagen. Unfortunately, topically applied collagen struggles to penetrate the skin and achieves minimal results. Peptides on the other hand, are found to have significant effects on hydration and wrinkles. Peptides are small enough to penetrate the surface and send signals for the skin to naturally create collagen. Dermatologists have also found that additional peptides encourage the skin to produce more peptides causing double the benefits.

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