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August 20, 2021


The best way to take care of our skin is by understanding what our skin needs are. You may be familiar with the type of skin you have, but when the conditions around you change, your skin can change with them. If your skin changes, then the way you take care of it needs to change.

While your skin type may not change during the seasons, it will certainly be affected by them. Environmental changes will drive skin changes. Typically, this means you will experience additional dryness in the winter months. While in the Summer time on the other hand, it may be more hydrated however more susceptible to sunburn.

A healthy skincace routine will be able to prepare your skin for most outdoor conditions. However, being particularly mindful about the environment you are in can help keep your skin glowing and healthy.

The key things to remember at any given time of the year is:

  • Eating nourishing foods filled with nutrients and antioxidants - healthy foods for healthy glowing skin.
  • Regular exercise to boost your circulation
  • Constant hydration to provide enough water to your body
  • Exfoliating weekly to remove dead skin cells
  • Moisturising your skin to ramp up hydration.

The Transition Periods from Warm to Cold and Cold to Warm

When you are moving from warm to cold weather, the temperature and humidity drop. Your skin must work harder to maintain adequate hydration. This can become visible as cracks in the outer skin layer, decreased hydration, and inflammation. The transition from cold to warm weather causes your skin to feel greasier and heavier in response to the oil that is trapped on the surface of the skin.

Dryer Skin in Winter Months

If you do experience dryer skin as a response to colder air, one thing you can do is to consider switching moisturisers. Pick a creamier and more hydrating moisturiser that works with your skin type for the best results. Check out the article of 8 skincare tips for dry skin.

Sunkissed Skin in Summer Months

While sunscreen should be part of your daily beauty routine every day of the year, it does become more crucial in the summer months. The sun’s UV rays release free radicals in your skin, and are one of the top three contributors to aging. To help keep your skin moisturised and protected, why not try this incredible NO FACE moisturiser with built-in SPF +30Read the article on how to maintain your skin health in the skin.

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