How to Prep Your Skin Before Putting on a Mask

Wake up in the morning, throw on some clothes and head out to begin your day. However, now the beginning of your day has an additional step. That is grabbing your home-made or store-bought mask and popping it over your nose and mouth. Masks have become a compulsory part of many countries daily routines as they have been shown to help reduce the spread of bacteria. If you are a conscious and caring others, you may have added the mask to your excursions out of the house.

How to Prep Your Skin Before Putting on a Mask

Unfortunately, wearing a mask for extended periods of time can have unwanted side effects on your skin. The cramped space and moisture from your breath can cause break outs, rashes, and chafing. To best prepare your skin against these, here are 4 ways to prep your skin before putting on a mask.

  1. Wash your face before and after

To try and minimise the side effects, wash your face with a gentle cleanser prior and after wearing your mask. This will help remove oil, dirt, and minimise dead cells that can lead to a flare up of clogged pores. Choose one of these incredible cleansers for a thorough and gentle clean.

  1. Skip Make Up under your mask

Typically make up creates a layer on top of your skin, in addition to the mask, this will accelerate irritation and pore-clogging. Particularly concealers and foundations with heavy formulas can increase humidity under the mask and push your skins sebum production into overdrive. Choose to go make up free, or at least just focus on brows and eyes. Either way, ensure that you remove any make up you do wear once you get home with quality make up remover.

  1. Always Remember to Moisturise

While moisturising should be an intrinsic part of your daily make up routine, it has never been quite as necessary as in the time of masks. Remember that skin hydration and skin oil are separate issues. Even if you have oily skin, a moisturiser will help keep your skin balanced and hydrated. This is a vital part of strengthening your skin against the unconventional habitat under a mask.

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  1. Use That Sunscreen

A high quality and SPF sunscreen is a crucial part in any beauty routine. Even if you are spending your whole day inside, the UV rays can reach through windows into your office and cause skin damage. Sunscreen helps protect your skin from premature aging and keep it looking youthful. While a mask will keep half your face hidden from the sun (a fantastic bonus) do not ignore the upper part of your face!

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