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Why do you need to keep your skin healthy?

August 22, 2021


Your skin is the first, and debatably, the most important barrier from the environment around you. It is the largest organ in your body and affects you in many ways you may not have considered.

Your Skin Physically Protects You

The skin health extends beyond appearance as it performs a myriad of essential tasks for your body. It acts as the primary defence against everything that surround your body daily. It is a complex organ that works constantly to protect you from viruses, fungi, and bacteria. The skin also protects you from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet radiation that can cell damage.

Your skin produces Vitamin D

If your skin is health, it produces vitamin D when exposed to the sun. Vitamin D is vital to keep the human body functioning ideally. Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that along with appearing in certain foods, mostly enters our system through sunlight. Sun rays trigger vitamin D synthesis within the skin, that then helps maintain normal blood levels of calcium and phosphorus. Vitamin D also modulates cell growth, boosts immune function, and reduces inflammation.  Individuals who suffer from vitamin D deficiency have higher chances of getting cancer, osteoporosis, and other long-term conditions.

Your Skin regulates your body temperature

This large organ also works continuously to keep your body temperature at a constant level. Healthy skin reacts better to environmental changes to ensure your body functions optimally. It regulates the body’s temperature through its immense blood supply. Blood vessels will either dilate to allow for heat loss or constrict to retain heat.

Beauty on the inside and out!

The appearance of your skin is also a big indicator of your overall health and wellness. If you are feeling tired, overworked, sick, nauseous, or similar, your skin will be the first portrayer of your physical state.

Keeping your body healthy overall is a key way of keeping your skin healthy. If you are looking particularly pale or flushed, this may be your bodies signal that it requires more hydration, iron, sleep, or a change in surroundings.

Therefore, keeping your skin healthy and keeping your insides healthy is intrinsically linked. That is why you should check out the top skincare habits that go beyond a daily beauty regimen.

Mental Health and Skincare

Have you ever had those days when you are suddenly more confident? Clear skin can frequently be the mental boost we need to feel like we can achieve anything. Keeping our skin healthy can also help keep our mental health strong.

That is why a good skincare routine is vital. Skin is in a constant state of growth, with old cells dying and being replaced by new cells. A daily cleansing and regular skincare routine can not only help remove those old dying cells but give you the opportunity to wash away the day’s troubles. The regimen can help ensure you are using high quality natural ingredients to give yourself the care you deserve. Take time to pamper yourself and your skin, and you will find that the vital me-time will be reflected in more than just your skin.

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